Organizations Funded 2016-2017

Here are the organizations that were granted funds for 2016-2017. Click on the links to be directed to the organizations' websites and learn more about them and how you can get involved!

National CCHD Grantees

Image The Coalition for Truth in Independence (CTI) is an umbrella organization for several groups which advocate for the rights of the disabled in the St. Louis area. CTI works on systemic change to ensure that people experiencing disabilities are treated fairly and have access to the resources to enable them to thrive in the most integrated setting. Regional organizers for South City, Maplewood, South County, University City, and North County work within each of these communities to impact individual municipalities as well as joining together to work on larger issues.
Image Metropolitan Congregations United is an interdenominational, multi-racial community organization of religious congregations in the St. Louis metropolitan region. MCU works to dismantle systemic racism in our region, creating lasting institutional change in a variety of ways which align with Catholic social teaching. Currently, they are engaging congregations in “Sacred Conversations on Race,” a series of dialogues and workshops designed to break down racial barriers and within the context of faith, lead people to political advocacy and action to decrease racial disparity.

The Sweet Potato Project is the primary program of the North Area Community Development Corporation (NACDC) which works to create healthy, sustainable communities through agricultural-based economics in underserved neighborhoods throughout St. Louis. The Sweet Potato Project creates alternative and progressive ways of producing and distributing locally grown products and provides youth with summer jobs in which they learn horticulture, marketing, branding, product development, social media, and other life-changing entrepreneurial skills.

Voices of Women is a community development corporation designed to unite women so that their voices are heard. They host Women in Leadership training, maintain the City Greens Community Garden, and offer micro-loans and micro-savings accounts for both adults and children.

Local CCHD Grantees

Image Beyond Housing is a comprehensive community development organization, focused on improving the lives of residents within the Normandy School Collaborative by helping families overcome the challenge of poverty and by making communities better places to live. The Healthy Communities project specifically addresses the need for transformative education around nutrition and physical activity and increasing access to healthy foods.  Beyond Housing orchestrated the opening of the first grocery store in this food desert in decades and continues to establish healthy habits in the community.
 Image Holy Trinity Catholic School is working to provide staff at Holy Trinity and other schools serving students living in poverty with professional development in restorative practices. Teaching restorative practices through the Social Action and Virtue Education (SAVE) program encourages intercultural competence, another step in breaking the cycle of poverty, and addresses the underlying social causes of bullying. It also helps teachers analyze the structures of discipline and creates a just disciplinary policy that supports Catholic social teaching.
 Image The Institute for Peace and Justice provides learning experiences, advocacy, and resources regarding alternatives to violence. Through the Solving Our Situations (SOS) program, the Institute works with the Center for Women in Transition to help women who are ex-offenders reintegrate into society. SOS provides group mentoring sessions and teaches women to become self-advocates and regain control of their lives.
Image   Latinos en Axión is a grassroots organization created by and for Latino immigrants. LEA works to address issues such as racial profiling on the local level, punitive state-level immigration bills, and comprehensive immigration reform at the national level. Additionally, LEA provides Know Your Rights training and education sessions on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans. LEA also receives national funding from CCHD.
Image  LinkSTL and its Hyde Park Opportunity project connect residents of the Hyde Park community to the neighborhood through collaboration, advocacy, engagement, evaluation, and fun. Fifty percent of those within the community live below the poverty level, and the objective of the Hyde Park Opportunity is to connect residents to resources including second chance banking, financial education and coaching, quality housing, and small business development assistance.
 Image Our Lady of Guadalupe in partnership with St. Cletus and Incarnate Word schools, has developed the Encountering Cultures project, which brings together adults and children of various cultures, faiths, and economic levels. Through speakers, visits, circle connections, prayer, and projects, children and parents teach one another about themselves and their cultures. 
Image St. Francis Community Services’ Midtown Men’s Group strives to be a catalyst for change by identifying ways in which the men who live around the Midtown Center can build community and address issues such as violence, unemployment and underemployment, and family crisis. The Men’s Group gives voice to community needs and tackles neighborhood concerns by performing community service, mentoring troubled youth, and meeting with aldermen to discuss the needs of their neighborhoods.