Organizations Funded 2015-2016

Here's a list of the organizations that were granted funds for 2015-2016. Click on the links to be directed to the organizations' websites and learn more about them and how you can get involved!

National CCHD Grantees

Image Metropolitan Congregations United is an interdenominational, multi-racial community organization of religious congregations in the St. Louis Metropolitan Region that are working for a common purpose: to create a better life for all residents. MCU is committed to the idea that every citizen has the right, and the responsibility, to take part in the democratic process, to become aware of the issues that affect him/her, to identify solutions, and to develop relationships with the policymakers who can bring about change.                          

Image The Sweet Potato Project
Voices of Women is a community development corporation designed to unite women so that their voices are heard fairly. They host Women in Leadership training, maintain the City Greens Community Garden, and offer micro-loans and micro-savings accounts for both adults and children. Their Housing NOW program will provide affordable housing with the help of local developers.

Local CCHD Grantees

Image Beyond Housing
  Holy Trinity Catholic School
 Image The Institute for Peace and Justice is an organization with a long history of promoting justice. Solving our Situations (SOS) is one of many programs which provides female returning citizens (ex-offenders) with positive, assertive, problem-solving skills, assistance with family reunification, and leadership training to become SOS facilitators.              
Image   Latinos en Axión
Image  LinkSTL
 Image St. Francis Community Services - Midtown Center strives to be a catalyst for change by helping people overcome poverty and work toward a better life. The Men's Club seeks to empower men through leadership training and community building. The members are dedicated to challenging the negative stereotypes of African-American men and addressing the violence in their neighborhoods through mentorship and restorative justice efforts.                   
 Image Our Lady of Guadalupe strives to instill the values of Jesus in each child through positive attitudes, academic growth, responsible citizenship, and an appreciation of cultural and religious differences. In partnership with St. Cletus and Incarnate Word schools, Our Lady of Guadalupe has developed "Esperanza y Aceptación/Hope and Acceptance," a multicultural curriculum for First Communion and Confirmation that focuses on the social mission of the sacraments and the diversity of our Church. Throughout the year, there will be several cultural exchanges for the students and their families that will build bridges between white and non-white Catholics and celebrate everyone who belongs to the Body of Christ.