Consecrated virgins (canon #604) do not have a rule or plan of life, but rather their daily schedule of work and prayer is balanced within the demands of their life in the world. They profess a vow of virginity which is received by a bishop. A consecrated virgin has never married or lived in public or open violation of chastity and perpetually vows chastity in dedication to the service of the Church and neighbor.

Consecrated virginity began in the Archdiocese of St. Louis when then Most Reverend Raymond Leo Burke wrote about the vocation in August 2004 in the St. Louis Review. The first candidate requested the Consecration from the Archbishop in 2006.   Read More...

Consecrated Virgins of the Archdiocese of St. Louis
St. Louis and Mid-West Consecrated Virgins


I Am Happily Married to God — As a Consecrated Virgin
Yes, I'm celibate. No, I'm not a nun.

(An article from Good Housekeeping Magazine as told by Carmen Briceno)