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Corpus Christi Parish in Jennings was established 1915. By 1917 a church/ school had been erected. A 2nd church, at Jennings and Florissant Rd, was built in 1918. A school was built in 1917 and later a high school, both staffed by the Ursuline Sisters. St. Lucy’s parish was administered by and later merged with this parish. St Louise was also closed and became part of this Parish, 1999 as was St. Frances Xavier Cabrini in January 2000. By this time the address of the parish was 8449 Jennings Stations Road. It was closed due to declining Catholic population and the parishioners were invited to join Holy Name of Jesus in Bissell Hills in 2005. The buildings were purchased by the Alexian Brothers. The church interior was renovated for offices.

Map of parish site

8449 Jennings Station Rd.