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CYC Sports Volunteers to be Honored at 58th Annual Sports Banquet

                          Fr. Brian Fischer Offers the Blessing at the 2011 CYC Sports Award Banquet

On Wednesday, November 5, 2014 the Catholic Youth Apostolate - CYC Sports Department will host its 58th Annual Awards Dinner.  CYC volunteers will be recognized for their service and dedication.  Please make plans to attend this year's event which will be held at the Crowne Plaza Saint Louis-Clayton, and help us honor some of the great volunteers that have given so much time and effort to the CYC program!

If you would like to help celebrate our CYC volunteers, please download the Ticket Form and Program Ad Form. For more information, contact Andrea at (314) 792-7256.

The 2013 and 2014 CYC District Person of the Year Award Recipients are:

  • Mike Moehlenkamp - North County District (St. Norbert)
  • Paul Bober - North County District (Holy Name of Jesus)
  • Bryan Hoff - St. Charles District (St. Paul in St. Paul)
  • Joyce Serangeli - St. Charles District (St. Elizabeth/St. Robert)
  • Dennis Heitert - South Central District (Ste. Genevieve DuBois)
  • Clay Cary - South Central District (St. Gerard Majella)
  • Dino Picha - South County District  (St. Margaret Mary Alacoque)
  • Sue Baumgartner - South County District (St. Catherine Laboure)
  • Patty Borst - West County District (Ascension in Chesterfield)
  • John D'Agostino - West County District (St. Alban Roe)

The 2014 CYC Sports Service Award Recipients are:

  • Doug Romano - Baseball Service (South County District, St. Joseph in Imperial)
  • John Monda - Basketball Service (South County District, St. Catherine Laboure)
  • Mike Cahill - Soccer Service (St. Charles District, St. Joseph-Cottleville)
  • Keith Nieman - Softball Service (South Central District, Epiphany of Our Lord)
  • Kathi Bacott - Volleyball Service (South County District, Immaculate Conception-Arnold)
  • Walt Anger - Track Service (North County, St. Rose Philippine Duchesne)


CYC Sports Banquet

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 - 6:30pm

The 2014 CYC Sports Banquet will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Clayton.  For more information, visit the Banquet Page of the CYC website or call Andrea at (314) 792-7256.

Crowne Plaza Hotel Clayton, MO

CYC Players, Coaches, and Umpires Display Random Acts of Sportsmanship During Archdiocesan CYC Baseball and Softball Playoffs


This year’s CYC Baseball and Softball Playoffs proved that good sportsmanship is most definitely alive and well here in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. There were numerous Random Acts of Sportsmanship (RAS) reported during the playoffs, and a myriad more that went unnoticed. RAS are acts that we want to encourage all our participants to display every time they take the field or court.  In addition to recognizing winners of games, we feel it is imperative for the CYC to search for and recognize Acts of Sportsmanship at our athletic events.  As a Catholic organization we must train our children to display Christian values in all parts of their lives, especially during athletic competition.  Below are just a few RAS that we witnessed during the playoffs:

St. Mark's 5th grade baseball team had a spirited player on the bench who encouraged his teammates, congratulated them when they made nice plays and consoled them if they struck out.  His name is Ben Sanders.  What was even more impressive about his sportsmanship and team spirit is he did this while not being able to play, because his arm was in a cast!  But he was right there on the bench, as MVT, Most Valuable Teammate.

We also awarded Tim Klump, a St. Mark's parent and fan a Random Act of Sportsmanship.  Why?  Well in the 98 degree heat and high humidity, he was kind enough to see if the umpires needed some water.  He offered to quench their thirst and then made the uphill trek to the concession stand for them.  Tim, what a great example you are to all of us to look outside ourselves and see if we can help others.

Delvon Yates was throwing hard and throwing strikes for St. Ferdinand in their 5th grade championship game.  After he finished his four dominate innings his coach and dad, Charles Yates, congratulated him and told him what great pitching that was.  But Charles not only praised his own son and own players, you could often hear him from his 3rd base coaching box telling the opponents, St. Cletus players, what a nice play they had made.  Once when the ball slithered past the St. Cletus 3rd basemen, he winced and said, "that was a tough one to catch".  Then turned to some fans on the 3rd base side and said, "Even though that helps our team, I hate to see a player miss a chance to make a play."  Love that Sportsmanship Charles!

In making the rounds to the different fields, we often heard from the district people manning the scoring tables how professional and how consistent the umpires were.  Two umpires that were recognized for their great work on the first Saturday at St. Gerard were Chris and Tim Althage.  They did a great job of handling the pre-game instructions and ground rules. They were always hustling and in position to make calls.  Plus they took time to explain calls to the players when they were confused.  They were instructing the players on the rules of baseball.  Great job, great sportsmanship!

We are sure there were many more RAS that took place during the baseball and softball playoffs.  Often times those acts go unnoticed, or if noticed, unmentioned.  Those should not be unmentionables!  They should be spotted and shouted about.  As a CYC we want to recognize these acts.  Praise the people involved and encourage others to follow in their footsteps.  So when you see a Random Act of Sportsmanship make a mental note and then drop an email about it to so we can shout about it and bring it to everyone's attention.  As the CYC, we want to help everyone realize that good sportsmanship makes great sports!!

CYC Baseball/Softball "Spirit of Saint Louis Games" Celebrate the Spirit of Our City's Patron Saint

The CYC Baseball/Softball Spirit of St. Louis Games were held at St. Margaret Mary Alacoque parish this past weekend. Buzz Swanston, Assistant Director of CYC Sports commented that “Although it was a hot Saturday in June, thanks to all the great work by the SMMA Athletic Association hosting the Spirit Games, the girls and boys enjoyed themselves and got to meet new friends.”

The Spirit Games are played at the end of each of the CYC's main sporting seasons. Parishes participating in the CYC program are invited to send at least one 8th grade boy and girl to be a part of the games. These players join with other players from their CYC District to take part in friendly competition with teams from other Districts.

The young people chosen to be part of the Spirit Games are living examples of the spirit and principles the CYC has endeavored to teach the youth of the Archdiocese for over 65 years.  They have shown the dedication to their faith, strength of character and leadership that marked the life of our city's patron saint. 

The CYC sponsors annual Spirit Games for baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and basketball.  Spirit Games participants receive a special certificate and a t-shirt and, most importantly, the knowledge that they are living their lives in the spirit of Saint Louis.

CYC Executive Meeting

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 6:30pm
Cardinal Rigali Center
20 Archbishop May Drive
St. Louis, MO 63119
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