Respect Life: Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care offers support for women and men with problems related to pregnancy; for all who have been involved in abortion; for those who are disabled, sick, and dying, and their families and caregivers.

Project Rachel: Post-Abortion Healing Programs


There is Hope After Abortion.

Are you feeling guilt, shame, anger, grief, or depression as a result of an abortion experience? Women have a wide variety of experiences with abortion. Some women chose to have an abortion because they were overwhelmed with the idea of raising a child while working or going to school.

Some women feel that they couldn't care for or support a child. Some women felt pressured to get an abortion by the father of the child, a parent, or other family member. Some women got an abortion because they were told their child had some birth defect or medical problem and that abortion was the better choice.

No matter what your experience was or how long it has been since the abortion, hope, healing, and forgiveness are available.

Project Rachel provides healing and hope to women wounded by abortion through the following: 

Project Rachel logo

Project Rachel is for people of all faiths and backgrounds. Women are welcome to participate, regardless of how long it has been since the abortion experience. Confidentiality is key to Project Rachel and your privacy will be respected. 

You can move forward and heal from the experience and experience forgiveness.

If you're ready to begin the healing process or simply want to learn more about Project Rachel, we encourage you to call 314-792-7565 or email  Trustworthy, compassionate people will answer your call. We will make every effort to ensure you are comfortable with those serving you as you begin this healing journey.

Additionally, online resources to assist you in your healing journey are available by clicking here.

If you are a man looking for post-abortion resources, click here to learn more about Project Joseph for men.

LifeLine Coalition

LifeLine Coalition
The LifeLine Coalition is a group of Catholic social service agencies and pro-life caregivers who are committed to helping women experiencing crisis pregnancies through:

  • Increasing awareness and availability of pregnancy assistance services
  • Generating new revenue for caregivers
  • Expanding services to pregnant women

In January 1986, the late Archbishop John L. May rededicated the St. Louis Archdiocese to providing quality services to individuals facing a crisis pregnancy. In his statement, the Archbishop pledged, "...all the available resources of our health care and social service agencies to any woman of any faith or of no faith who chooses life for her child rather than death by abortion."

LifeLine Coalition provides assistance to more than 10,000 mothers and their children annually. LifeLine provides women experiencing a crisis pregnancy with help with medical expenses, food, clothing, housing, educational counseling, adoption services, and spiritual guidance.

A Donation to LifeLine Coalition of:Lifeline Logo

  • $ 30 will provide a mother with a small layette
  • $ 75 will provide one day in a residential pregnancy center
  • $125 will provide either five childbirth classes, five parenting/adoption classes or five counseling sessions
  • $150 will provide a crib, maternity clothes and additional layette items.
  • $600 will provide about 10 prenatal visits, delivery fees and post-natal follow-up

Please consider making a contribution to the LifeLine Coalition.  To further encourage support within your parish, school or organizaton, order Lifeline Coalition envelopes. Those can be obtained by contacting the RLA.

Members of the LifeLine Coalition are committed to helping women in crisis pregnancies choose life for their children. Member agencies include:

Good Shepherd Children & Family Services

Maternity Residential Care Program

Good ShepherdGood Shepherd Children & Family Services, formerly Villa Maria and Catholic Services for Children & Youth, provides residential care for pregnant girls, ages 12 - 21. Beyond housing and medical care, Good Shepherd's educational services are individualized to the needs of each teen including prenatal care, parenting classes, child care and child development, sexual responsibility, self-advocating skills, practical life skills and assistance with completing formal education. All services are confidential, individualized and provided free of charge.  For more on Maternity Residential Care Program, click here.

Expectant Parent Support

Home-based counseling (pregnancy, parenting, adoption) and case management for pregnant women in crisis and family members affected by the pregnancy. The goals of the program are a healthy pregnancy, healthy delivery of the child and stabilization of the home environment. Expectant Parent Services provides case management, counseling and referral services to any member of a family experiencing a crisis pregnancy. All services are confidential, individualized and provided free of charge. Click here for more info on Expectant Parent Support.

Good Shepherd Children & Family Services also provides services in Adoption, Foster Care, Residential Care and Youth/Family Support and Mentoring.

For more information about Good Shepherd and its services, call 314.854.5700 or visit Good Shepherd is located at 1340 Partridge Ave., St. Louis, MO 63130.


BirthrightBirthright, an emergency service for any girl or woman distressed by an untimely pregnancy, provides positive alternatives to abortion. The underlying principle of Birthright upholds "the right of every mother to give birth, the right of every child to be born." While each call from an expectant mother is wholly confidential, an appointment can be made with a trained staff social worker who will ensure all available resources are at her disposal. When existing resources cannot adequately address the expectant mother's needs, Birthright provides financial assistance, legal advice and medical care.

Birthright Counseling, St. Louis, has four offices in the metropolitan area:

  • Brentwood: 314.962.5300
  • South City: 314.962.3653
  • Bridgeton: 314.298.0945
  • Midtown: 636.946.4900

In addition to Birthright Counseling, St. Louis and its four offices, there are three independent Birthright offices serving the outlying areas of the Archdiocese. These offices are independent entities with their own boards, staffs, and volunteers. Each is an affiliate of Birthright International. Women will find access to resources and direct financial assistance to help with medical care, housing, etc., through these offices.

  • St. Charles: 636.724.1200
  • Tri-County in Eureka: 636.938.4221
  • Hillsboro: 636.789.3518
  • Wentzville: 636.327.8170

Our Lady's Inn

Our Lady's InnOur Lady's Inn serves pregnant women, 18 years of age and older, who wish to work toward a more stable living situation. Our Lady's Inn provides living facilities, food, clothing, counseling and vocational guidance. A woman may come to Our Lady's Inn at any stage of pregnancy and, if necessary, stay until six weeks after the birth of her baby. Follow-up outreach is provided through an Aftercare Program. Our Lady's Inn provides access to community resources for pregnant women and professional direction to residents seeking help for housing, education, employment, medical, legal, and vocational guidance.

Our Lady’s Inn has two residences: one serving the St. Louis City and County areas and one serving St. Charles County. In addition, it has an administrative office in Brentwood. Contact information for each location is:

  • Administrative Office: 314.736.1544
  • St. Louis Inn: 314.351.4590
  • St. Charles Inn: 636.398.5375

Naming and Commendation of an Infant Who Died Before Birth

Naming and Commendation Rite

"I am the Resurrection and the life." - John 11:25

Jointly developed by the Archdiocesan Office of Worship and the RLA, this rite is designed to meet the needs of parents whose child(ren) died prior to birth because of miscarriage, accident, or abortion.

The ritual emphasizes the Church's respect for the sacredness of all human life from the moment of conception – regardless of a child’s age or stage of development.  It acknowledges that all life, even the lives of those who are never born, impacts families and individuals.  It also helps bring peaceful closure after a great loss.  It helps families and friends place the infant's death in the context of faith and to unite them to the merciful love of God.  

Dates for Upcoming Naming and Commendation Ceremonies

If your parish would like to host a Naming and Commendation Rite or Mass, please contact the RLA. If you would like to be notified when the next one is scheduled, please email the RLA.

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