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2018 Deacon Diaper Drive Results in 277,000 Donations Throughout the Archdiocese, 53% Increase from 2017  

By Dave Lueking

To kick off the 2018 Lenten Deacon Diaper Drive, Deacon Jim Carter palyed stand-up comic in post-Mass announcements at his parish, Our Lady of Lourdes in Washington.

He started simply enough, "It's that time of year for the deacon diaper drive." Then he went right into the material: "That's as opposed to 'Deacon Diapers' which may come later... it Depends."

...Then kidding aside, he talked about the heartbreaking stores of young moms and families who lack financial resources but desperately need assistance to keep their babies dry. Sadly, many have to pick food and shelter ahead of their young ones cleanliness and comfort.

Lourdes parishioners responded generously to Deacon Carter's request, as did numerous Catholics throughout the archdiocese, and made the drive's third installment a smashing success. Deacon Carter needed just one word to describe the results.

"Phenomenal" he said...

 Diapers by the numbers

A few numbers from the 2018 installment of the Lenten Deacon Diaper Drive

  • 3 drives to date
  • 52 parishes participating
  • 183 parishes in the archdiocese
  • 125,000 diapers collected in 2016
  • 180,000 diapers collected in 2017
  • 277,000 diapers collected in 2018
  • 582,000 diapers collected in three drives over 25 months 

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