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Greetings from the Paul VI offices!


By way of introduction, the first thing I usually say is that I am a husband, a father, and a teacher.

-My wife and I met in college (the University of Scranton), and have been married for 22 years this year.  Deo gratias!

-We have six children – four boys and two girls –with ages ranging from 18 down to 6.  I always say that “It’s a glorious way to be overwhelmed.”

-I love to teach!  I have taught on the high school, college, and graduate school levels.  I have taught in men’s groups, parishes, clusters, dioceses, and formation programs.  In teaching, I always receive more than I give.


Here’s just a little bit of history, to help you know where I’m coming from: I was born in New Jersey, grew up in Green Bay, and went to high school and college in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  My wife and I lived for 5 years in Boston, 9 years in Nebraska, and  4 years in Saginaw, Michigan.  I guess you could say I’ve been a pilgrim most of my life!

I received a PhD in theology from Boston College.  (My coursework was in systematic theology and my dissertation was on the relationship between theology and science.  The relationship between theological method and the history and philosophy of science has always been of great interest to me.)  After five years of study in Boston we moved to Omaha, NE, to work with the Institute for Priestly Formation – a national program of spiritual formation for diocesan seminarians.  While in Omaha I taught in a Catholic college for two years and a Catholic high school for six years.  After nine years in Omaha we moved to Saginaw, Michigan, to work with Archbishop Carlson.  I served in Saginaw as Diocesan Theologian, Director of Deacon Formation, and Director of the Center for Ministry and Office of Formation (the Diocesan “nerve center” for faith formation and retreats), and taught part time at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit.  After a little over 4 years in Saginaw, here we are in Saint Louis!


One of my basic convictions is that the fruitfulness of our work depends on prayer.  When intimacy with Jesus Christ is at the heart of our lives, all of our work somehow becomes fruitful; when intimacy with Jesus Christ is lacking in our lives, even our best efforts dry up.  I’ve always thought that the following words of Fr. Thomas Dubay capture that conviction quite nicely:

We do others far more good when we ourselves are close to God.  We bond with others more readily and are good for them to the precise degree of our immersion in God who is love.  Husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, can do more for each other and for their children when they become men and women of burning prayer.  Their effectiveness multiplies and snowballs; their influence is deeper and eternal.  The same is true of the priest at the bedside or in the confessional or in the pulpit.     

            -Thomas Dubay, Prayer Primer, 26/81

My desire is that the following three points will always be the first goals of every class taught through the Paul VI Institute:

1) That students will grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ through this class. 

2) That students will grow in their love and knowledge of the teachings of the Church through this class.

3) That students will grow in their ability to proclaim the Good news of Jesus Christ to the contemporary world through this class.

As you can see, I believe that an ever deepening intimacy with Jesus Christ, an ever deepening membership in the Church, and a renewed evangelization are intimately linked.

As we engage in our catechetica ministries, let our hearts and our voices be united to each other in prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, we give to you our hearts.  Please give to us your Sacred Heart.  Through all that we think and feel, through all that we say and do, may the name of Jesus be praised.  Holy Mary, mother of God, Pray for us!


Sincerely yours in Christ,



Dr. Ed Hogan

Director, Pontifical Paul VI institute of Catechetical and Pastoral Studies

Associate Professor, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

Archdiocese of Saint Louis


(314) 792-7453

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