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St. Louis Review: Several Rulings Have Affect on Planned Parenthood Clinics in Missouri

By Jennifer Brinker

An end to Medicaid reimbursements to Planned Parenthood in Missouri is one of several ways pressure is being put on the abortion provider in recent weeks.

The measure is part of a $28 billion budget that is expected to be signed by Gov. Mike Parson, and the latest major pro-life measure since the passage of SB5, a comprehensive bill that pro-life groups have said protects the health and safety of women and unborn children and provides protections for pregnancy resource centers.

"Despite having one of the most comprehensive pro-life bills passed in a decade, state lawmakers continued to make advances in pro-life legislation in the areas of defunding abortion providers and promoting alternatives to abortion," said Deacon Sam Lee, a pro-life lobbyist with Campaign Life Missouri. "It shows they are not willing to rest on previous legislation, but realize the unborn and pregnant women need more assistance."

Lawmakers this year also approved $6.5 million in funding for the Alternatives to Abortion program, which provides a variety of services to pregnant women, including counseling, prenatal care, emergency housing, job placement assistance and adoption referrals when requested. They also expanded the state income tax credit program for maternity homes and pregnancy resource center programs to $3.5 million each... 

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Photo courtesy of the Missouri Catholic Conference

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