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2016 Catholic Adventure Week: Faith, Fun, and High Adventure for Catholic Boy Scouts and Venture Crew Members

Catholic Adventure Week will be held the week of July 10-16, 2016 at Swift Explorer Base of the S bar F Scout Ranch, which is near Farmington, Missouri. The weeklong high adventure retreat is sponsored by the Greater St. Louis Area Council of the BSA, the Office of Youth Ministry, and the Catholic Committee on Scouting, BSA. The theme for the 2016 Catholic Adventure Week is “The Year of Mercy.”

Catholic Venturers and Boy Scouts from around the region are invited to participate in an inspirational week of high adventure/Kodiak training, faith, and fun.  The goal in providing this week for our Catholic Scouts is to give them the experience of living their faith, growing in their faith, and loving their faith within the Scouting movement and especially out in the wonders of God’s creation. While at CAW, Scouts will be exposed to the entire High Adventure program offered at Swift.  Intertwined with the outstanding program offered by the Swift staff and merit badge program time, there will be opportunities for prayer, religious instruction, and reflection. 

For more details, visit the CAW webpage or contact Tom Kroenung at

Random Acts of Sportsmanship Spotted as CYC’s 8th Lacrosse Season Gets into Full Swing

The CYC's 8th Lacrosse Season is in full swing. What started as 2 boys' teams in 2008 has turned into 26 boys' teams and 27 girls' teams this season.  That is over 900 girls and boys playing CYC youth lacrosse.  We have leagues for 5-6th grade teams and 7-8th grade teams.  The season began March 12 and continues through May 21st.

We want to get the word out to fans, coaches, officials, players to report to us any Random Acts of Sportsmanship (RAS) that they witness during CYC lacrosse games. These are acts that we want to encourage all our participants to display every time they take the field (or court!)  In addition to recognizing winners of games, we feel it is imperative for the CYC to search for and recognize Acts of Sportsmanship at our athletic events.  As a Catholic organization we must train our children to display Christian values in all parts of their lives, especially during athletic competition. 

The CYC recognizes and commends Keith Brisotti, St. Alban Roe lacrosse coach.  During his team's games you can hear him on the sideline encouraging the kids, saying such things as: "nice save", "great pass", "that was a great shot" and "good cradling".  What makes this so impressive is he says it as often to the opposing players as he does to his own players.  He loves the sport of lacrosse and enjoys seeing ALL the players make good plays and progress in their skills.  This has earned him a RAS Award.

We would also like to recognize sisters Maria and Alyssa Johnson, CYC Lacrosse officials.  Not only do they do a great job of calling games, but they explain their calls to the players.  Since most of the players are new to the sport, those explanations are very helpful as they learn the game of lacrosse.  In addition, this past Saturday both Maria and Alyssa took turns running up and down the field with a new official to help her as she officiated her first two games of the season.  Thank you, girls!  Your sportsmanship is much appreciated!

As always, we ask you to keep your eyes and ears open and let us know when you see any RAS, whether during Lacrosse games or any other CYC games.  Simply send an email to with an explanation of the act, so we can recognize and reward that player, coach, official or fan. You can also contact Buzz if you have any questions about CYC Lacrosse. Remember... Good Sportsmanship makes Great Sports!  

becomingONE - A Quarterly Catholic Speaker Series for Young, Married Couples

The second installment of the becomingONE speaker series will take place on Saturday, April 16th, from 10 AM to 12 PM at St. Joseph's Parish in Clayton. This series aims to build community and offer practical Catholic wisdom for the married life! 

Fr. Brian Fallon, Assistant Director of Vocations for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, will be discussing how to pray, discern and grow spiritually with your spouse.  Coffee and pastries will be provided, and there will be time to socialize with other couples. 

We invite all young adult married couples to join us for the becomingONE marriage speaker series! Please email if you have any questions.  No need to register, but for more details, please see here.

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