Catholics Come Home Parish Resources

The following documents have been provided to assist your parish as you prepare for the Catholics Come Home® initiative.

Identity Youth Group Programming Download Identity Programming | Download Identity Icebreaker | Download Models of the Church | Download Models of the Church PowerPoint

Evangelization and Catechetical Bulletin Inserts – “Faith Chats”

Pulpit Announcements Download

Bulletin Announcements Download

Preparation before Airing the Commercials

  • Praying for Evangelization Download
    • Various ways to encourage prayer in the parish community for evangelization
  • Parish Hospitality Self Evaluation Download
    • Evaluate your parish’s hospitality and evangelization efforts
  • Parish Hospitality Planning Worksheet Download
    • Questions to help formulate a hospitality and evangelization strategy
  • Parish Hospitality Best Practices Download
    • A reference guide to help parishes be more welcoming to newcomers
  • Inactive Catholics Statistics Download
  • Mass Census Form Download

Resources Hospitality Workshops 

  • Hospitality Workshop Invitation and RSVP Form Download

 Invitation and Welcome

  • Referral Resource List for Agencies and Organizations in the Archdiocese of St. Louis Download
    • A list of agencies and organizations in the Archdiocese that can help meet the needs of those returning to the Church
  • A guide for making a good confession Download
  • Guide For Confessors Download
  • Favorite Catholic Prayers Download
  • CCH fundraising instructions Download
  • Turning Ushers into Greeters Download

A quick guide to helping ushers and greeters be more hospitable

  • Conversation Starters Download
    Ways to start a faith conversation
  • Prayers of the Faithful Download

Resources for Educators

  • CCH Epic Commercial Script Download
  • CCH Epic Commercial Lesson Plans Download
  • CCH Epic Commercial Lesson Plans Described Download

Accompany and Follow Up

  • Recommended Reading for Returning Catholics Download
  • Available follow-up resources for returning Catholics Download