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If you have a question or comment, please use the link above to "e-mail the cemetery office".  You may also opt for the Information Request or the Service Request tab for specific information regarding products and services offered. 
We will be happy to respond.  News items can appear at any time, do check back often.  

Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery: Additional niches have been opened in the mausoleum, located on the walkway to the upper level.  

The Cemetery of Our Lady:  Work began on Monday, August 3, 2015 and was completed ahead of the six to eight week time frame the private contractor estimated.  Based on input from Missouri Department of Conservation every ash tree in the cemetery needed to be removed due to Emerald Borer infestation.  This work was done by the employees of Catholic Cemeteries.  As a separate issue, the water retention in various areas of the cemetery also was addressed. A private landscaping company re-graded sections using state-of-the-art laser technology.  All lawn-level markers were removed during this time and replaced to their original locations upon completion of the re-grading.  Monuments were not affected and burials continued as usual. Redbud, Yoshino Cherry and Kwanzan Cherry trees will be planted throughout the cemetery this fall. Thank you for your patience while these necessary improvements and beautification were completed.

The Cemetery of Our Lady:  A second hexagonal columbarium, topped with a dome, now offers additional niche options for the entombment of cremated remains.  Nestled at roadside near the shared family monuments, this striking unit offers single niches for one urn.  The all inclusive package includes the niche, its opening fee, inscription fee and bronze bud vase.  February 2015

Historic Florissant cemetery offers niches:  A new and unique columbarium unit has been installed at St. Ferdinand Cemetery offering niche options for the entombment of cremated remains.  Situated in a serene location, with beautiful foliage as its backdrop, you may select a niche for either one or two urns.  The all inclusive package includes the niche, its opening fee, inscription fee and bronze bud vase.  Two granite benches will be installed for prayer and reflection.   February 2015

Proud to offer another niche option at Sacred Heart Cemetery:  You may now select a niche inside the cemetery chapel for the entombment of cremated remains.   These niches have granite fronts and each is for the entombment of one urn.  Call today for the best selection for you and your loved ones.  314.792.7478.    There are also niches in the mausoleum offered for one urn or companion niches for two urns if you prefer the outdoor garden atmosphere.

Update for the Divine Mercy Mausoleum:  
The stunning glass etched feature of the Divine Mercy is the central focus of this complex.  It is larger than life, which will create an awe-inspiring and prayerful atmosphere.  The feature will be back lit as well.  This mausoleum offers single crypts as well as niches for the entombment of cremated remains.

Beautification projects completed in the summer of 2013:  Ornate and stately black iron fencing now outlines Resurrection Cemetery.  The Sacred to the Memory Shrine at Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery has been expanded with the addition of four granite pillars and a new cupola tops the mausoleum.  At Calvary Cemetery, the curved entrance walls have been engraved with the cemetery name, highlighted by gold lithochrome.  In addition, the Prairie Partnership Restoration entrance is identified with Missouri Red granite monuments. 

Announcement of New Mausoleum, Resurrection Cemetery:  To meet the growing demands for mausoleum crypts and niches in the South St. Louis area, Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of St. Louis has announced construction of its fourth mausoleum complex at Resurrection Cemetery at Watson and Mackenzie Roads.  It has been designated the Divine Mercy Mausoleum.  Groundbreaking began in Spring 2013.

The mausoleum will be situated on a slope on the north of the Mackenzie Road cemetery entrance and overlooking the Priests Plot.  It will feature three buildings bordering a central landscaped plaza with benches for prayer and reflection.  An image of Divine Mercy will be a focal point.  Each of the three buildings offers both single crypts and niches for the entombment of cremated remains.

A special discounted purchase package is available only during the construction period.  To take advantage of this, and to select the best possible location for you and your family, contact the Resurrection Cemetery office today.   314.792.7478

Telephone Number Update:  Effective June 1, 2012 the Archdiocese incorporated the cemetery offices into the master phone system.   The new telephone numbers are:

              Resurrection Cemetery:   314.792.7737

           Calvary Cemetery:               314.792.7738

The fax numbers for both offices remain unchanged; 314.352.0097 and 314.381.3218 respectively.

Resurrection Cemetery:  Statue Installed Nestled in a serene, wooded area across from Section 19, a life-size statue of St. Joseph has been installed, March 2012.  The area has been mulched and includes beautiful rose bushes of many colors.    Photos may be seen on this website under the Photo Gallery for this cemetery.

Calvary Service Building - Open and Functional - Final Inspection is Complete.

The Cemetery of Our Lady new niches have been added in the mausoleum for the entombment of cremated remains.  These are unique in that some units are for the inurnment of one urn, others for the inurnment of two urns.  January 2, 2012

Ste. Philippine Cimitiere:  Statue Installed
The week of October 21, 2011 marked the installation of a white marble statue nestled in the woods at Ste. Philippine Cimitiere in St. Charles County.  Photos of the lifesize statue of Our Lady of Grace may be seen on this website under the Photo Gallery for this cemetery.

Calvary Cemetery:  Service Facility
Final inspection is planned for Fall 2011.

Our Lady Cemetery:  Inaugural product offering
We are excited to be able to offer this package purchase which includes a single grave for the burial of two individuals, the existing upright monument and the inscription for both persons.   This product is offered only in this cemetery, in Section 3 just west of the columbarium for the entombent of cremated remains.   Contact the office for more details.  314.792.7738

St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery: New Section opened
along Randolph Street, spring 2011, offering both monument lots and lawn level marker lots.   This option is determined by the family at the time of selection.

Resurrection Cemetery:  New Ornamental Gates
The week of May 9, 2011 new custom made ornamental black metal gates, approximately five feet in height, were installed at the two Mackenzie Road entrances to Resurrection Cemetery.  These replace the unattractive “railroad crossing” type bars which had served as “gates” for many years.  The upright spindles of the new gates are ornamented with alternating crosses and fleur-de-lis as well as decorative filigree work.  Each gate is fixed to a square metal column, six feet in height, and surmounted by a cross.  The new gates will daily be opened at sunrise and closed and locked at 5:00 p.m. to secure the cemetery after sunset.

Calvary Cemetery:  New Service Facility Project Description
A new 19.400 square foot vehicle and equipment storage / maintenance facility designed to replace a group of aging buildings dating from 1945. The new facility is located on high ground, 26 feet higher in elevation than the existing facility, to eliminate the flash flooding problem that has plagued the existing facility.

The new maintenance facility consists of two buildings located within a 2.2 acre enclosed compound. The enclosed compound has areas for equipment wash down, fuel dispensing and ample area for outside material and equipment storage.

The maintenance building is 14,900 square foot steel structure with masonry walls and a standing seam metal roof. The main building contains areas for vehicle and equipment storage, vehicle maintenance, tent storage and the employee break and locker room facilities. The maintenance area features a 1 ton monorail hoist and a 2 ton bridge crane as well as a fluid dispensing system and provisions for 72,000 lbs. vehicle lift equipment. The maintenance, tent and break rooms are heated by wood burning furnaces, fueled by the logs from the Cemetery’s ongoing tree trimming and removal operations. The building features skylights and translucent wall panels to provide abundant natural lighting. Most of the lighting fixtures in the main building are controlled by motion sensors that turn the lights on and off automatically.

The second building is a open sided, 4,500 square foot steel structure with poured in place concrete walls and a standing seam metal roof use for parking the larger pieces of equipment and keeping the firewood dry.

The project also required storm and sanitary sewer extensions to a MSD trunk sewer located on the cemetery property. A new water service main had to be bored under the Norfolk and Southern railroad tracks to the nearest city water main.

Washington Engineering & Architecture was responsible for the civil, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical design of the project. Hoff Construction, Inc. is the general contractor. The project is expected to be completed by winter 2011.

Burial Sections have been expanded
in Holy Cross, Calvary, Resurrection, Ste. Philippine, Sts. Peter and Paul, and St. Peter Cemeteries, Summer 2010.  Both monument and lawn level marker lots are offered, this decision being made by the lotholder at the time of selection.

A New Infant Shrine and Burial Section

were added in Resurrection Cemetery, Summer 2010

A Shrine Columbarium with Niches
for cremated remains was set on May 28, 2010 in Section 34 of Calvary Cemetery.  Each niche is for the entombment of one urn, the unit topped with a bronze Pieta.

Roadside Signs
identifying the sections throughout Calvary Cemetery were added in the Spring of 2010 to make it easier for visitors to locate the burial sites of loved ones, as well as to locate the sites on the historical tour of Calvary Cemetery.

Roadside signs were then installed in Resurrection, Our Lady and Sts. Peter and Paul Cemeteries, followed by installation in all of the Catholic Cemeteries.

Calvary Shrine Mausoleum Chapel Renovated
The chapel of the Calvary Shrine Mausoleum was dedicated in 1960 by Cardinal Joseph Ritter. It has been in daily use since that time. It is the primary site for chapel committal services for families who choose this option rather than a committal at graveside. It is also the site for the public Mass, offered at 9 o’clock in the morning, on the Second Saturday of each month, for all who are buried in our Catholic Cemeteries.

Recently the chapel has undergone a long deferred renovation. Water damaged plaster ceilings in the sanctuary of the chapel have been restored. Lighting has been improved. A fabric panel reredos behind the altar has been replaced with panels of cultured marble forming the background for the original hand carved wood crucifix. The cultured marble matches that of the original trim work throughout the chapel. Deteriorated wood panels in the sanctuary have also been clad with this cultured marble. The paneled walls of the chapel nave were refinished and new carpeting installed. The lighting of the nave has also been improved.

The newly renovated and restored chapel was used for the first time, on August 9, 2008, at the Second Saturday Public Mass. The response to the renovation from those who regularly participate in this Mass was very positive.

Echoing the Hope
In April 2007 the leadership team of Catholic Cemeteries initiated series of site visits to each of the seventeen Archdiocesan Cemeteries. The purpose has been to evaluate the strengths of each, as well as to identify areas in need of immediate improvement. Long term planning for the future is also part of each visit. These site visits will be ongoing and at regular intervals. It is our plan to consider initiatives which not only maintain, but which also will enhance the cemeteries.

Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis are committed to preserving the sacred character of the grounds and facilities of each of our seventeen cemeteries. We want them to be places which echo the hope we profess each Sunday in the Creed that: “we believe in the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.”

Ascension Cemetery and Mausoleum Dedication
On Sunday, May 20, 2007 Archbishop Raymond L. Burke celebrated the solemn dedication of the recently completed Ascension Cemetery and Mausoleum in Washington, Missouri. The dedication took place in the context of a celebration of the Liturgy of the Word and blessing of a life-sized cross set in the ground before the mausoleum, then the blessing of the grounds of the cemetery, and finally of the mausoleum with its chapel. The ceremony reflects on our mortality, and on the hope of the resurrection that is ours in Jesus Christ. It is especially timely, then, that the dedication took place on the Seventh Sunday of Easter.

Ascension is the seventeenth of our Archdiocesan Catholic Cemeteries. It provides opportunities for ground burial, mausoleum entombment and niches for cthe entombment of one or two remated remains. We are pleased to be able to serve more effectively the people of the Washington Deanery.

Directions to Ascension Cemetery:

5563 Country Club Road
Washington, MO 63090

I-44 West to Exit 251, Hwy 100 West
Turn right on Hwy 100 to Hwy A (the 1st major intersection after crossing Hwy 47)
Turn left on Hwy A
Turn left on Country Club Road.
The cemetery entrance will be at the top of the hill on the right.

The Cemetery of Our Lady:  We are proud to offer our first columbarium for the entombment of cremated remains.  Each niche is for the entombment of one urn.  The stunning hexagonal unit is topped with a beautiful lifesize bronze statue of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.  April 2007

Native American Monument: There is a new Native American Monument at Calvary Cemetery as of the summer of 2003. One of the inscriptions reads: "We Nimiipuu honor these men who gave their lives for all of us. We respect the 15,000 people who share this site with them."   Follow the link below for photos and additional inscriptions.  Visit the Calvary Cemetery site for more photographs.

Slide Show goes LIVE (November 1, 2002)
The latest addition to is the SlideShow.

Click the 'Slide Show' button to the left to enter the page. Simply change the drop down list of cemeteries to view photos from that cemetery.

St. Louis Review article by Jennifer Brinker (August 9, 2002)
Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of St. Louis also recently launched a Web site earlier this summer at . The recent addition of the burial records search has increased traffic to the site.

More pictures throughout the site...
We have added many more pictures throughout the the site. Follow these links to just a few of the pages where more pictures have been added. Under Historical and Locations, be sure to click on the individual cemeteries to see additional pictures for that cemetery.

Additional photos have been added to the Photo Gallery as well.
- Locations [then click on each cemetery]
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Use our search engine on your site (August 26, 2002)
We are experimenting with Web Services to allow third party sites to license our search engine and database.  This type of service would be appropriate for genealogical web sites who need to locate records of burials within the 17 Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

We are not sure how this service will be licensed.

Soundex search capability added (August 23, 2002)
We are pleased to announce that you can now perform searches on our database without worrying about spelling variances. By using our new Soundex option under type, special algorithms are performed to match the name you entered against other spelling variations.

Our New Server is installed (July 29th, 2002)
The new server has been installed, and is running very well. The server was very well tested when Fox 2 ran a story on August 1st. We had a 10-fold increase in activity the next day. The new server is handing the load quite well, and reliability has been much improved. We are on-pace to serve over 125,000 pages in August.

New Site under Construction (July 1st, 2002)
We have decided to display the entire site during this time so that we may test portions of the site.

If you see a misspelling or incorrect information, please fill out the form on the site located under "Contact Us." Some features may not be working or may give unexpected results; there is no need to contact us regarding these items.

Thank you for your patience and help in making this a great site!

~ Thank you.

Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of St. Louis launches NEW website (June 24th, 2002)

 Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of St. Louis announces its newest addition to its many services. Now the World Wide Web is being used to disseminate information about the cemeteries that fall under the control of the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

Additional features will be added later, but those available at the moment are (but are not limited to) photo galleries, cemetery history, burial plans/services, maps, etc...