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Acreage: 15
Established: 1857

3906 Mount Olive Road
Lemay, MO 63125

Office at Resurrection Cemetery: 314.792.7737

There are numerous areas throughout this cemetery where lawn level marker lots and monument lots are available for purchase.  There are lots for private family mausoleums and sarcophagi as well.  Contact the Resurrection Cemetery office for detailed information.

A lone road runs up the middle of the long rectangular cemetery.  White fencing marks its border along Mount Olive Road.  This cemetery shows its age by the variety of memorials, from draped columns, those with urns and crosses, marble and granite obelisks, tablets, homemade cast concrete markers, wrought iron crosses and Woodmen of the World tree stump markers.

Near the exit to Mount Olive Cemetery sits the plain, granite mausoleum of Joseph Marconnot. His body lies inside, embalmed and dressed in a tuxedo, but a solid door, more recently installed by his descendants, replaced a glass door, and prevents the public viewing that Mr. Marconnot intended.

A limestone monument with a cathedral shaped top, across the road from the Marconnot mausoleum, is a rare pre-Civil War tombstone for a slave.  It is inscribed:

Here lie the remains of
Coloured Servant of
John Withnell.
He died of Cholera.

John Withnell is buried in Calvary Cemetery.

Mount Olive Cemetery is peaceful, surrounded by other cemeteries and an abandoned quarry on the north side.