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Acreage: 52.8
Established: 1986

16200 Manchester Road
Wildwood, MO 63011
Office at Calvary Cemetery: 314.792.7738

Holy Cross Cemetery is on the western edge of St. Louis county on the south side of Manchester Road, between Clarkson Road and Hwy 109.  A fifty-foot stainless steel cross marks its entrance behind which stands a community mausoleum and chapel.  Monumental, unique steel sculptures of Mary, St. John, and Christ on the Cross are mounted on the front of the mausoleum complex.  A statue of St. Joseph, of similar composition, is mounted on the east mausoleum wall.

Single, tandem and companion crypts are available for purchase, as are niches for the inurnment of cremated remains.

Traditional monument and lawn level marker lots may be purchased in Sections 2, 3 and 4.  Shared family monument lots are located in Section 3 - the purchase includes the grave, the granite monument and inscription work for two persons.

Hillside lawn crypts terrace the east side of the mausoleum in Section 1.  At the west end of the cemetery stands an octagonal columbarium of gray and black granite with more than one hundred niches for the inurnment of cremated remains.  Atop the columbarium is a life-size statue, executed in bronze, of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  Landscaping and a paved walkway to and around the columbarium, along with benches, create a garden-like setting.

It is a poignant phenonemon that many young people are buried in this cemetery. Their deaths, in a number of instances, followed tragic accidents.  The pain of untimely loss, of arrested youth, is palpable in this cemetery.  The unusual prevalence of death among young people in the 1980's and 1990's is not as conspicuous in older cemeteries, because the graves of young people are surrounded by the many graves of old people from years gone by.

For more detailed and pricing information, please call the cemetery office or email your request.  There are lots for private family mausoleums and sarcophagi as well.