Central Purchasing


The Central Purchasing Agency of the Archdiocese of St. Louis helps Catholic and other religious organizations purchase quality goods and services at significant cost savings. About 95 percent of local Catholic parishes use the office’s services to save more than $1 million annually.


The not-for-profit office, established in l971, negotiates competitive pricing on quality merchandise and services for the churches, schools, offices and agencies of the Archdiocese and other religious-affiliated groups. The office also pursues new contracts and programs to benefit those it serves. Its work allows others to focus their time and resources on fulfilling their particular missions and responsibilities.

We also are a member office of the national Catholic Purchasing Services in Boston. To view its online catalog, click here. You will be asked to register, and then will be able to browse the catalog and gather item numbers for the products you wish to order. You can order online but we advise obtaining the item numbers of the products you want and e-mailing them to edithtierney@archstl.org. When you order from the online catalog site, you will not be notified of shipping charges and product availability. When we enter your orders, we can provide additional information and sometimes obtain additional cost savings.


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