Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide Group Offerings

Currently meeting:


Immactulate Conception - Dardenne Prairie 

7701 State Highway N 
Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368 
Thursdays 7-9 beginning Jan. 11
For more information contact Debi:
or call 314-276-3859. 


 230 Santa Maria Dr, Chesterfield, MO 63005

Beginning April 5.

Thursdays from 7--8:30 p.m.

Located in the Parish Hall.

Contact Lucia Hill for more information:


Other groups (not currently in session):

Immaculate Conception - Arnold

 2300 Church Rd. 

Arnold, MO 63010

For more information, contact Regina: 



Mary, Mother of the Church (Mattese)

5901 Kerth Rd.

St. Louis, MO 63128 

Beginning September 6.

 Contact Rob Telthorst at 314.320.0605


St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Charles

 2 Seton Ct.

St. Charles, MO 63303

Contact Donna O'Donnell at or 636.288.2417



St. Francis Borgia, Washington

115 Cedar St. 

Washington, MO 63090

Contact Jennifer Hill at 636.239.6701

More groups are coming soon--please contact Melissa Keating if you know of any not currently listed.

 Catholic Divorce Survival Guide Facilitator Training

Next training: April 21

Divorced and Separated Ministry is taking off! Our goal is to have a support group nearby for ANYONE in our Archdiocese who wants one.

Will you help us?

The Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide (CDSG) Facilitator training is for people who have gained some distance and healing from their own divorce and separation, and would like to facilitate a small group for other's to do the same.

CDSG is a 12-week course dealing with many of the wounds that follow divorce, especially betrayal, loneliness and desperation. Being a facilitator is NOT the same as becoming a therapist.

The training is free, the only cost is for materials. In addition, the Office of Laity and Family Life will need permission from the pastor for 1) the parish to have a CDSG group, and 2) for the individual who attended the training to lead it.

Please contact Melissa Keating in the Office of Laity & Family Life for more details: or 314.792.7173. 

See flyer for details: - CatholicDivorce Survival Guide Facilitator Training flyer.pdf

The Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide Support Groups

The Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide is a powerful DVD series and support group format to help separated and divorced Catholics find, peace, power, and renewed passion for life. This 12-week program features 30-minute DVD shows each week, covering topics of shock, denial, anger, grief, guilt, forgiveness and much more, as well as discussion opportunities. Where you were divorced ten days ago or ten years ago, the program offers valuable insight for everyone.

If you are interested in starting a group at your parish, please contact Melissa Keating 314.792.7173 or 


 Introduction to Annulments

Please take a moment to view our new short videos on annulments, featuring Reverend Nicholas E. Kastenholz, Judicial Vicar of the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. The first is a general introduction to annulments:

 Commonly Asked Questions

The second video briefly answers a few of the most common questions people have about the annulment process: 

 If you have any questions about the videos, or would like more information on the "Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide" (described below), contact Melissa Keating 314.792.7173 or  

Faith Journeys

Faith Journeys is dedicated to supporting young people and young adults from separated or divorced families in their journey towards growth. They also serve children who are experiencing significant losses as a result of other family changes. They provide Programs for schools and parishes, as well as Resources for children of all ages.

Help for Troubled Marriages

Retrouvaille is a program designed to provide help and support to married couples who are undergoing difficulties in their relationship, for those who are hurting in brokenness and loneliness. It has also proven helpful to couples who are separated and divorced. Although Retrouvaille is Catholic in origin, couples from all or no faith traditions are welcome to attend. The next program begins with the weekend of September 20-22, 2013. For further information, call Kieran & Dacia Gutting with Retrouvaille of Saint Louis at 314.283.5055, or visit

The Institute for Marital Healing

The mission of the Institute for Marital Healing is to strengthen Catholic marriages and families by educating spouses, marital therapists and clergy about common causes of conflicts in marital self-giving and effective approaches to alleviating such conflicts. Through a combination of online resources, educational programs and publications, the Institute employs a time-tested approach to marital therapy that recognizes the importance of both science and faith in the process of marital healing.


Annulments and the Catholic Church: Straight Answers to Tough Questions - Edward Peters, J.D., J.C.D.

Many questions abound regarding this issue, one which unfortunately touches the lives of many in the Church today. In this helpful book, canon and civil lawyer Edward N. Peters clears up some of the confusion by answering the most commonly-asked annulment questions in a thorough yet easy-to-understand style.

Annulments: What You Need to Know - Jimmy Akin

Many people have questions about annulments but aren't sure where to turn for the answers. Jimmy Akin, director of apologetics for Catholic Answers, has taken on the task of providing a concise, understandable booklet about annulments, written in question-and-answer format 

Courage to Love... When Your Marriage Hurts - Gerald Foley

Building on the experience of Retrouvaille, a successful church-sponsored ministry, this book focuses on building relationships. It invites couples to reconciliation, to rebuilding trust, to learning the skills necessary for healthy communication, and to growing spiritually through the lived reality of married life. 

December Roses: Pastoral Reflections on Divorce - Hector M. Medina

Though much literature has been written on this topic, December Roses details the thought processes associated with the planning and execution of a divorce and the painful emotions and feelings which occur, while at the same time providing a means of prayerful healing for those involved in the divorce situation. 

The Divorce Remedy: The Proven 7-Step Program for Saving Your Marriage - Michele Weinar Davis

In a down-to-earth style, Weiner Davis outlines a realistic, solution-oriented seven-step program for managing marital problems, which, when left unchecked, can drain the life out of a relationship. 

How to Understand & Petition for Your Decree of Nullity - Rose Sweet

Only God can see deeply into the human heart. He knows how human frailty and weakness, and inabilities of some people to enter into marriage freely and fully despite their best attempts. After careful study of such an attempted union, the Church may be able to declare that no valid marriage bond was created. And this book will help you understand the process. 

Marriage 911: How God Saved Our Marriage - Greg & Julie Alexander

Greg and Julie Alexander thought divorce was the only way out of their lifeless, loveless marriage. Quite unexpectedly, a faithful priest guided them back to the truths of the church, and as they began to incorporate these truths into their lives, they were able to restore the love they once had for each other. Marriage 911 chronicles their journey back from the brink of divorce to marital happiness built on a strong Catholic faith. 

Rebuilding After Divorce: Making Your House a Home Again - Rose Sweet

Whether you've recently divorced or it's been a few years, you can rebuild a life rich in faith, hope, and lots of love. But first you'll need blueprints, clear directions to make your house a home again. For over 20 years, Rose Sweet has brought her wit and wisdom to the separated, divorced, and remarried.

Additional Links

Answers to Common Questions about Separation and Divorce A document prepared by the Archdiocese of St. Louis, with material from Rose Sweet 

 Divorced CatholicWe invite you on a journey back to a life filled with promise and peace. Allow Christ to walk with you as you rediscover His healing and rejuvenating power through the wisdom, richness, and truth of your Catholic faith. 

 Divorce Resource CenterFor those facing an unwanted divorce 

 North American Conference of Separated & Divorced CatholicsSince 1974, NACSDC has been committed to the healing and recovery of those who have experienced separation and divorce. 


If you are in a difficult marriage, but are not yet separated or divorced, please click here

"Relationships and circumstances within your family may have changed, but God’s love for you is ever present and does not come to an end. Grasp the hands of those who reach out to you in loving concern. Extend your own hand to others whom you meet on the road to healing and reconciliation. There is a home for you within our parishes and communities of faith"

 (US Bishops’ 1994 pastoral message to families, Follow the Way of Love).