Employment Application

Thank you for your interest in employment in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. We appreciate your interest in the Church’s educational mission, and I assure you of our interest in you and the contribution you can make to Catholic education. 
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A clear understanding of your professional qualifications and experience will assist in
referring you for a position suited to your qualifications and preferences.  In this packet are the
necessary items you must complete to be considered for referral and possible employment.

You are asked to send or have sent to School Personnel, Catholic Education Office, 20 Archbishop May Dr., St. Louis, MO  63119, the following material:

1.   The completed application form.  (Follow the directions carefully in completing this document. Make sure that you respond to all items on the form.)

2.   Three reference formsas explained below (It is recommended that you enclose a stamped, addressed envelope when requesting references.  All completed references should be
mailed to or faxed to School Personnel, Catholic Education Center, 20 Archbishop May Dr., St. Louis, MO  63119.)

•     one clergy /pastor reference from a priest, minister or rabbi who is familiar with you or your family; (A clergy reference must be provided in order for your application to be considered.  You are responsible to send this form to a member of the clergy.)

•     two professional references  from individuals who are familiar with your professional teaching abilities, e.g, former teaching supervisors or college instructors.  (Note:  If you have two such current references in your placement file from your college/university, you do not need to send the professional references that are included.) A reference from your prior principal is expected if you have recent teaching experience outside the archdiocesan system.

3.   An official college transcript showing coursework and receipt of degree(s); (Photocopies of the transcripts will not be acceptable.)

4.   A valid/current state teaching certificate; if you are in the process of obtaining your certification, obtain a letter from your College/University stating that all requirements have been met.

5.   Family Care Safety Registry and Worker Registration Form: 
You must register online through the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry website, http://health.mo.gov/safety/fcsr/.  When completing the online application all educator applicants are considered “child care workers”.  Next, complete and sign the attached
Worker Registration form and return to us (DO NOT send to the state).  Please return this form to School Personnel with the other forms in the application packet. 

6.   All application materials become the property of the Catholic Education Office and are not duplicated or released to the applicant or any other requesting party. When all of the above materials have been received by the School Personnel Office, your application will be reviewed by a Screening Committee at the Catholic Education Office.  You will be informed by e-mail/mail of the status of your application after this review.  If your application is approved, you will receive a letter which can be used as a reference for interviewing in local Catholic schools.  If your application is approved during the major hiring season--April to July-- your file will be made available to principals / administrators who come to our office.  In all cases, local principals/administrators conduct the actual interviews and hiring. 

You may view all current openings on this website under School Personnel.
Finally, let me point out that while the School Personnel Office can in no way guarantee
you a position, openings do regularly occur.  If you are hired by one of the schools of the Archdiocese, you will be required to attend an orientation session which is held in early-August.  This session offers faculty members who are new to the Archdiocese an opportunity to learn about our mission as Catholic educators and to become familiar with personnel policies and benefit programs available to school employees.  Your principal/administrator will inform you of the date, time and location.

Thank you for your interest in Catholic education in the St. Louis Archdiocese.  Please contact the School Personnel Office if you have any questions about the application process.


Mrs. Stephanie Welling
Associate Superintendent for School Personnel
Catholic Education Office
20 Archbishop May Dr.
Saint Louis, MO  63119
314-792-7307 or 314-792-7308