Evaluating Religious Education Programs

There should be a regular monitoring of religious education programs within elementary and secondary schools and parishes of the Archdiocese, including a yearly evaluation of effectiveness in implementing the parish education goals, philosophy, and policies. This evaluation is the responsibility of the religion coordinator or director, the principal, the high school administration, the pastor, and the parish board of education, depending upon their degree of involvement in setting program goals.

To assist the local level in the ongoing evaluation and improvement of elementary and secondary religious education programs, it is recommended that each school and Parish School of Religion (PSR) participate in the Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education (ACRE) for grades five, eight, and twelve. Elementary schools and PSRs are also encouraged to participate regularly in the school improvement and PSR program evaluation process provided by the Catholic Education Office. This offers the opportunity to review how effectively the many dimensions of religious education are integrated into the elementary programs and design a plan for improvement for succeeding years. Catholic secondary schools make provision for the periodic evaluation of content and methodology in religious education, especially through implementation of the “Strategic Plan for Secondary Schools.”

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