Local School Board Training

In recent decades the role of Catholic laity in the governance of Church institutions has become more prominent. Included in this expansion has been the establishment of boards of education.

In its role as a resource to the schools of the Archdiocese, the Catholic Education Office offers programs for those connected with boards of education at both the elementary and secondary level. These sessions are designed to provide the leaders and members of boards with an understanding of their role and responsibilities and to improve the overall effectiveness of the board in the parish and school community.

Topics of these programs include: the purpose and function of the board, differentiating between school board policy and school administration; role relationships between pastor or chief executive officer, principal and other administrators, board president, and board members; responsibilities of board members; and techniques for planning and conducting effective board meetings.

Click to download a copy of the Manual for Parish Boards of Education 236.48 Kb

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Mrs. Sharon Lenger
Catholic Education Center
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