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Religious Education Media Center Catalog 2017
Media Catalog 2017 Introduction and Policies Link

Primary Media Catalog 2017 Link
Intermediate Media Catalog 2017 Link
Junior High Media Catalog 2017 Link   
High School Media Catalog 2017 Link  
Adult Media Catalog 2017 Link

These links will download the Media Catalog 2017 of 3000+ DVDs and video-cassettes organized into five age-level books. Each provides alphabetical descriptions and a thematic index which can be used to search/print the catalog in PDF format. The collection of religious media materials includes the domains of Doctrine/Religion, Sacraments/Liturgy, Prayer/Spirituality, Sacred Scripture, Ministry/Methods, Morals/Values, and Human Development. The learning process for students of all ages can be enhanced by media that motivates, explains, and applies religious content to daily life, forming one’s identity in Jesus Christ.

The entire catalog is also available on the Catholic Ed Office/Rel Ed Media Center site for online booking at

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