The Religious Education Media Center is a service of the Catholic Education Office for parishes, schools and agencies in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. The purpose of the center is to provide quality religious audio-visual materials for religious instruction and faith formation which are consistent with Catholic belief and tradition and which enhance and enliven the sharing of the “Good News” with children, youth, and adults.

Media may be borrowed free of chargeby any school/parish/agency in the Archdiocese. Other institutions pay a $10rental charge per media item or an annual membership fee for unlimited use.Media materials may be borrowed by adult Catholic parishioners and areavailable for any parish-sponsored or member-sponsored group: school, PSR, pre-school, youth program, Bible study, RCIA, liturgy committee, parish council,parent group, pro-life committee, social-concerns committee, small faithcommunities, etc.

The Media Center collection ofDigitalVideoDiscs (DVD), video-cassettes (VC), CD's and CDRom's (CD, CD-ROM),totals over 3000 titles. A complete listing of the collection with descriptionsand indexes is available online at . ThisWeb MediaCatalog and Booking System (WMC) canbe searched by catalog #, title,theme, series, presenter, domain, age-level, run time, date, publisher, Spanish and close-captioned, and permitsonline booking of media.

For those who prefer a printedversion, the catalog may be downloaded and printed by age level or in itsentirety through the PDF format, which includes an alphabeticallisting/description and thematic index. The PDF format also permitsword-searches to find items, and has a link on each page to the WMC for onlinebooking if desired.

Printed and PDF formats of thePocket-Guides to Media Resources are also available for the elementary,high-school and adult levels.

The interest level and/or age groupcoding is as follows: Preschool and Primary (PP/P), Intermediate (I), JuniorHigh (J), High School (H), and Adult (A). Some items are marked for severallevels. Both the suggested age-levels and themes listed for each item provideonly a general indication for appropriate use of the resource.

Previewing is highly recommended todetermine if the media would be helpful for a particular audience or purpose.Previewing also permits the teacher or facilitator to incorporate the mediainto the learning session more effectively by presenting background material,dividing the viewing into segments, devising thoughtful discussion questions orfollow-up activities.

For more information orassistance and for booking media by phone, please call the Media Center at314-792-7360. 

Policies and Procedures

Ordering Media

 1) Requests may be made by filling out an order formfound in this PDF folder and mailing it to the Religious Education Media Center,20 Archbishop May Drive, St. Louis, MO 63119, or by accessing the Web sitecatalog booking system:

2) Order the item you desire at least one weekbefore the date you wish to use the media. If you need to showthe video for longer than one day,indicate the date-range withbeginning and ending show dates.

3) If last minute accommodations are needed, bookings for media may be taken over the phoneat 314-792-7360. No more than 10 ordersper phone request can be accepted.

4) If the item isavailable for the requested date(s), a confirmation form is mailed or emailed if timeallows. If the media is notavailable for your requested dates, you will receive a phone message to requestnew viewing dates.

5) Previewing ispossible, but the preview area can accommodate only a limited number ofpeople and is available by appointmentonly. Media may also be booked for preview at your location.

Mailing/Receiving Media

6) Every requested and booked item will have apacking slip that is inserted intothe mailer. This packing slip needsto be returned with the media items.

7) Items aremailed Library Rate five business days before the requested show date.

8) When an item ismailed back, it is veryimportant that it be mailed four or five days before the dueback date indicated on the packing slip. If the requested item cannot be viewedand returned on time, please call the Media Center and request an extension.You will help avoid delays for others who may have booked items by informingthe Media Center of any problems.


9) Please report all damage to materials so repairscan be made. Report any missing items. Failureto report damage may mean that the nextuser will not have a usable audio-visual.

10) Copyright information: programs listed in this catalogare protected under the U.S. CopyrightLaws. License agreements between the ReligiousEducation Media Center and its distributors do not include permission for members who borrow media to reproduce it in whole or in part. This is in violation of the Copyright Laws, carrying severe penalties."Fair use" of copyrighted materials by educators applies only tomaterials purchased by the local school.

Media Catalog and Booking Online

The ReligiousEducation Media Catalog and Booking system is available online at . The password to enter the online catalog and bookingsystem is media. You may also access this Web Media Catalog (WMC) throughthe Schools/Catholic Education Office/Religious Education Media Center linkson the Archdiocesan Website at .A PDF version of the Media Catalog with a linkto the online booking on the bottom of each page, is also available through theArchdiocesan website on the Religious Education Media Center page.Pocket-Guides of DVDs for various age levels can also be downloaded from theReligious Education Media Center web page.

How to search the online booking system (WMC)

First click on the radio-button for howyou want to search and then click RUN QUERY.

For CATALOG #, THEME, AGE, LENGTH, TITLE, SERIES, PRESENTER,DOMAIN, and COMPANY an arrow button is available next to the text field. Clicking the arrow will present a drop-down box of options. Move the cursor to select your preference and click run query.  Clicking the browse button willthen display all items that match the query.

For DESCRIPTION type just one word or phrase to identify all videos with that word in thedescription and click run query. The first record matching your queryresults will be displayed on the screen. Clicking the browse button willdisplay all items that match the query. For example, if I wanted to find videos of St. Francis of Assisi, I could type in the Description text box Francis and then Click run query; then browse all videos that included Francis inthe description.

For Spanish and Close Caption click the check box to select and click run query.

For a list of all new media materials purchased within the last year, check the new media button at the bottom of the left column on the Query Screen.

Howto use the video record screen

The videorecord screen displays the first record which matches your query with all pertinent information from the catalog for that record. The display at the top of your screen identifies the total number of records which matched your query.

If you want to book the first item that matches your query, you may click mark for booking. You can then proceed to Booking Request, or click new query to find additional videos to mark for booking.

The Browse button may be clicked to view a list of all media which match the complete query. Click on the Catalog # to display another video, which can then be marked forbooking if desired.

On the BrowseScreen, you may sort the list by Catalog #, Title, Theme, Age, orRunning time by clicking any of the column headers.

The New Query button returns you to the blank Query Screen.

How to make bookings requestsonline at:

The Web Media Catalog can be used to browse, search and mark media for booking. The Booking Request form can be accessed through the query and video-record screens.

The first way to make booking requests using the Web Media Catalog system is to click the Booking Request Form button on the Query Screen before performing any search. This option is available if you already know the VC# or DVD# and want to bypass the Query and Browse options. Click the Booking Request button, click Catalog # and scroll to find/click on the desired media item, complete all the necessary fields with requested data, and then click e-mail.

Another way to make booking requests is after you have completed your queries and have marked all the media that you want to book. After marking several items for booking, click the Booking Request button, and you will be sent to the Multiple Booking Screen.

A. If you want to book all items marked for the same dates, click the boxindicating this,then complete all the necessary fields with requested data forthe first item you marked. Click Update, and then email. All your bookings will beimmediately sent to the Media Center for processing; you do not need to re-enterdata for the other items you havemarked. (But if you forget to clickUpdate first, the media # and titleswill be sent without your name, parish/school or dates).

B. If you want to book the items marked for different dates, click the box indicating this, and you will be sent to the Booking Info screen, where the Catalog# and Title of the first item you marked will appear on the screen.

Complete all the necessary fields with requested data for this first item. Click update, and then when returned to the Booking Info screen, click email.

You will besent to the Browse screen, where you can click on the next item you wish tobook. Complete all the necessary fields with requested data for this next item.Click update, and then when returned to the Booking Info screen, click email.

Proceedthrough all the items marked for booking. After each has been separatelyupdated and emailed, there should be no more items listed on the Browse Screen.

If you do not want to email your bookings, click Browse Bookingsfrom either the Multiple Bookings or Booking Info screens. You may print the list from this screen, and then either mail or phone in your requests at314-792-7360.

Mailing/Receiving Media

Phone or email requests should be received at least one week in advance of date(s)needed for viewing. Items are mailed Library Rate five business days before therequested show date. You may also request to pick up your bookings at theReligious Education Media Center, 20 Archbishop May Drive, St. Louis, MO 63119.When media is mailed back, it is important that it be postmarked 4-5 daysbefore the due-back date on the packing slip, to help avoid delays for others.If the media cannot be viewed and returned on time, please call the MediaCenter at 314- 792-7360 and request an extension.