Catalogs of DVDs and Pocket Guides to Media Resources

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Link to 2017 Religious Education Media Catalog of DVDs for High School and Adults
Link to 2016 Pocket Guide of Religious DVDs for Adult Catholic Parishioners Link 

This The 2017 DVD Catalog and the 2016 Pocket Guide opens the Media Center for Catholic high schools and adult Catholic parishioners, as well as parish groups, to borrow religious DVDs free of charge as a resource to grow in their faith and understanding of Jesus Christ and His Church. They include more than 1000 DVDs on the Bible, Jesus, saints, sacraments, doctrine, morality, Church history, prayer and spirituality, conversion and evangelization, science and religion, etc.   Media can be ordered through the online booking system at  or by phoning 314-792-7360. 

Link to 2017 Religious Education Media Catalog of DVDs for Elementary level
Link to 2014 Pocket Guide of DVDs for Elementary Catechesis

The 2017 Elementary-level Catalog and the 2014 Pocket Guide present over 500 DVDs for the Primary, Intermediate and Junior High levels.  The first is organized by domains and the second by themes to support the content and goals of the religion curriculum for the elementary level, presenting Jesus Christ tand His Church as the source and summit of our Holy Faith..

The entire catalog, including video-cassettes as well as CDs and DVDs for all age levels, is available at Religious Education Media Center Catalog 2017