Religious Education Personnel

Directors/Coordinators of Religious Education
Most Catholic parishes appoint a qualified lay person or religious to administer the religious education programs in the parish. The Director of Religious Education (DRE) is responsible for the religious education of all age-levels. This could include adult religious education, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), Christian Initiation of Children of Catechetical Age (RCIC), high school PSR, elementary PSR, religion program in the elementary school, pre-school of religion, sacramental programs, religious education for children with special needs, summer religion program (VBS), and Sunday Liturgy-of-the-Word with children.

If the responsibilities are limited to just one level of religious education programming, then the title is Coordinator of Religious Education (CRE). A Coordinator of Adult Religious Education has the responsibility of guiding and directing adult religious education in the parish. A Coordinator of the Elementary Parish School of Religion has the responsibility of coordinating everything involved with the PSR. A Coordinator of High School PSR is responsible for providing for the religious education of students who attend public high schools. A Religion Coordinator in the elementary school is responsible for aiding the Principal in providing for the religion program in the school.

The Religious Education Department guides and supports the ministry of DRE/CREs by providing certification standards, policy guidelines, consultation, professional in-service, regional meetings, newsletters, media center, and other resources. It also assists interested persons in finding positions in religious education leadership, and assists pastors in their search for qualified DRE/CREs.

For additional information contact:

Miss Kathy Schoen
Catholic Education Office
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Secondary Schools

Religion Teachers in Secondary Catholic Schools
Every Catholic high school employs teachers who are qualified and certified to teach the Catholic religion. Application for certification is made to the Religious Education Department of the Catholic Education Office. In addition to certification, high school religion teachers must be practicing Roman Catholics who believe deeply in Jesus and His message as communicated through the Catholic Church, and wish to witness this belief to others.

Religion Department Chairpersons
Religion department chairpersons must be certified through the Religious Education Department of the Catholic Education Office. They must hold a master’s degree in religious education or theology, as well as meet the standards for religion teacher certification. The chairperson is to give guidance and direction to the religion department faculty that consists of a core of full-time religion teachers, proportionate to the enrollment of the school

Campus Ministers
Campus ministers have as their primary responsibility the development and growth of the faith life of the entire school community: students, faculty, administration, and staff. The campus minister is to emphasize worship, community, and service through the development of a community of faith. Campus ministers must help create an atmosphere where Gospel values are not only taught but also lived.

For additional information contact:

Reverend Monsignor John M. Unger
Catholic Education Office
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