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The Catholic Education Office is called to be a faith community committed to the educational mission of the church in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. We offer leadership and service in the ministry of total Catholic education. In collaboration with others engaged in this mission, we articulate a shared vision of Catholic education and teach the message of Jesus Christ as we follow his call to "Go make  disciples of all nations."

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Visitation Academy shows devotion to Saint Louis and fascination with Flat Louie

Viz's version of Flat LouieBy Sue Brown, Director of Marketing and Community Relations

Visitation Academy has embraced the spirit of devotion to Saint Louis IX, patron of our Archdiocese, as well as our city, while having fun chasing “Flat Louie” around the Lower School.

Every morning, students and teachers begin their day with the prayer to Saint Louis (below) found on the prayer cards they, and all Catholic schools and PSR’s across the Archdiocese received last month. Staff also use the prayer to open and close their meetings.

Viz faculty report that resources provided on the Catholic Education Center’s web page,, have provided good talking points for teaching about Saint Louis.

Viz Lower School Principal Mrs. Margaret Karl said, “We especially have like using the Did you know? and Saint Louis Quotes pages.”

Viz sixth graders (the oldest students in the Lower School) demonstrated their technology skills by sponsoring a scavenger hunt and contest and producing a video about their work. 

All Catholic schools and Parish Schools of Religion have been invited to join in this program, demonstrating their Catholic identity and creativity as they join in the celebration of STL250 (the 250th Anniversary of the City of St. Louis).

 However, their devotion to Saint Louis will continue and grow. "He is a most appropirate role model for our students," said Mr. George Henry, Superintendent of Catholic Education. "It is my sincere hope that all schools will make his life of service and care for the poor an example for their own lives."

Children's Prayer to Saint Louis

Saint Louis, patron of our city, and of our Archdiocese,
please bless us, the children who look to you for guidance.
Help us be kind to each other and to the poor as you were.
Give us courage to choose well, and strength to do great things, as you did--
a young boy who became a great king!
Help us to become saints like you, so that we can be with you and Jesus in heaven someday.
Saint Louis, pray for us!

St. Dominic High School nurtures future entrepreneurs

Pictured, left to right--Ben, Polina, Kevin and Maddy

By Sue Brown, Director of Marketing and Community Relations

Students from St. Dominic High School in St. Charles were among some 500 students representing over 20 area high schools in the recent Future Business Leaders of America District 8 Leadership Conference held at Chesterfield Mall.

Four St. Dominic students received significant recognition and have qualified to compete at the next level at the State Leadership Conference in Columbia in April.

Competition includes various activities including objective tests and technology skills events and presentations.

Congratulations to the St. Dominic High School FBLA members: Kevin, who placed first in Computer Applications; Polina, who placed first in Introduction to Business Communication AND fourth in Introduction to Information Technology; Maddy, who placed third in Introduction to Business Communication; and Ben, who placed fourth in Economics.

Congratulations and best wishes at State!



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