In The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis challenges all of us to become missionary disciples.

What is a missionary disciple?

Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, we encounter Jesus in the Scripture, in the Sacraments, and in every person we meet. We open our hearts and minds to Jesus and the Gospel message. Our encounter with Jesus transforms us and helps us to live and act in a way that witnesses to and invites people to share in the Love, Joy, and Peace of Christ. This is the work of the Church, but it begins with each individual and his or her relationship with Jesus.


Month of June Dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

The month of June is dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the Friday following the second Sunday after Pentecost. In addition to the liturgical celebration, many devotional exercises are connected with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Of all devotions, devotion to the Sacred Heart was, and remains, one of the most widespread and popular in the Church.

The term "Sacred Heart of Jesus" denotes the entire mystery of Christ, the totality of his being, and his person considered in its most intimate essential: Son of God, uncreated wisdom; infinite charity, principal of the salvation and sanctification of mankind. The "Sacred Heart" is Christ, the Word Incarnate, Saviour, intrinsically containing, in the Spirit, an infinite divine-human love for the Father and for his brothers.  During this month, let us embrace the beauty of the Sacred Heart and dedicate ourselves to His love and mercy!  


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