From Homeless to Home: Former Trucker Finds Home at Father Dempsey's Charities

On a very cold day in November 2005, the staff at Father Dempsey's Charities met Mr. L through the soup line. Mr. L noticed our sign about having a social worker and asked to speak to her.

During the interview, Mr. L told his story. He was a veteran and had been homeless for seven years, finding shelter in vacant buildings. Prior to being homeless, Mr. L had lived with a family member until that person's death. Then he lived with various friends and family members throughout the United States until finally settling in St. Louis. One reason he stayed in St. Louis was the Veterans Administration (VA) and the VA hospital at Jefferson Barracks.  

Mr. L had had a successful career in truck driving until an accident cut his employment short. Unable to work, Mr. L fell into depression and other medical woes. Those events began his life of wandering.

By the grace of God, Mr. L happened upon Father Dempsey's Charities. On this cold November day, one of our staff members had extra soup and fruit from lunch. When offered to Mr. L, he remarked that he was about to cry because so much kindness was being shown to him. One week later, Mr. L became a resident of Father Dempsey's Charities.

Today, Mr. L is a valuable member of our agency, helping in any way he can. He is a friend to many and is a sign of what can be accomplished when people work together.