In Prayer and Solidarity with our USCCB Migration Committee on their journey to U.S. –Mexico Border

As Catholic diocesan directors of Hispanic ministry in the State of Missouri, we join in prayer and solidarity with our USCCB Migration Committee’s efforts to highlight the human suffering caused by a broken immigration system.  We ask God that their journey of faith, during their March 30-April 1, 2014 visit to the border, will help us, and our legislators find greater common ground to enact a more compassionate immigration reform.

During this sacred time and journey of faith, we want to invite those we serve in our faith communities to join in the work of solidarity that our bishops are recommending.  For example, to pray the rosary in honor of the immigrants in our country, and in particular, for those who have died; to fast during the day (or for a meal) while reflecting on the moral necessity of immigration reform; and to send a Justice for Immigrant electronic postcard to your member of Congress (more USCCB resources found here: )

In a special way, we ask that each one of us join in prayer on April 1, 2014 when the Mass will be celebrated at 9 a.m. in remembrance of those who have died crossing the U.S.-Mexico border seeking a better life for their families and loved ones.   Together we remain committed to praying and working on behalf of a more just and comprehensive immigration reform.

  • Milagros Calvetti, Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau
  • Miguel Ángel Salazar, Diocese Kansas City-St Joseph
  • Enrique Castro, Diocese of Jefferson City
  • F. Javier Orozco, Archdiocese of St. Louis

We invite you to view the pastoral message of Archbishop Carlson in Catholic comprehensive immigration reform.