Hope and Holiness: Pastoral Care for Those with Same-Sex Attraction

At all levels of leadership and ministry, the Catholic Church is called to a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by those who experience same-sex attraction, in order to respond compassionately, truthfully, and charitably through all facets of pastoral care. 

Hope and HolinessThe document, Hope and Holiness: Pastoral Care for Those with Same-Sex Attraction, was developed as a resource by the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. This resource exists because the Church cares. We know that people are desiring to apply the teachings and care of the church to very specific pastoral situations of same-sex attraction.

People often remark that they don’t know what to do when someone says “I think I’m gay,” or “My sister is a lesbian,” or “I’ve been invited to a gay wedding” or … whatever question or comment they may have. How do I give them the pastoral care of the Church? What would Jesus do?”

Those are good questions. This resource is meant to begin providing some good answers and guidelines for care, and to initiate a deliberate conversation about finding the best answers and care.