Employee Self-Service - Password Assistance

If you have your user name, but need you password, we use a registration tool to help you manage your user name and password for Employee Self-Service. 

Password Assistance
  • Click on the Password Assistance tab above.
  • Click on the Reset Password link - there is a picture of a key next to this link.
  • Enter your user name (e.g. ss654321) in the domain user name box and click Continue.
  • Answer the two security questions in the answer boxes.
  • You should receive a new screen titled Reset Password where you will enter your desired password in the new password and confirm password boxes. Passwords are case-sensitive.  Follow the password requirements.
  • You should see a box at the top announcing The password reset has been done successfully when the system accepts your password.
  • For security purposes, close the password assistance window.

You may now access Employer Self-Service by clicking the Ready to Sign In tab below.

Ready to Sign In

  • Click on the Ready to Sign In tab where you will use your Employee Self-Service user name (e.g. ss654321) and password.
  • If you receive a message indicating "Invalid username or password.  Please try again." after you click Login, then either your user name and/or password is not recognized.  Please verify the information being entered and whether the Caps Lock or Number Lock buttons are set appropriately and try again.
  • If problems persist, click the Password Assistance link.  Remember user names follow the general format of ss654321 or ss87654321 based on a system generated number, not your social security number.
  • If the tools do not work for you, please call the Office of Human Resources at 314.792.7540 or e-mail at humanresources@archstl.org for additional support.