First Time User Registration

As a new user to Employee Self-Service, please read and follow the steps below.

We use a registration tool to help you manage your user name and password for the Employee Self-Service system.  Registering simply involves logging in to the assistance tool where you will record your e-mail address, change your password and select two security questions to answer if you forget your password in the future. 

Your employee Self-Service user name and password were mailed to your home address in two separate letters shortly after you were hired.  If you are unable to locate your initial letters, your user name may also be obtained by contacting your employer.  The format of your user name is ss654321, using a specially assigned number. 

If you have your user name and password letters and are ready to register your information, please follow these steps:

Register My Information

  • Click on the Register My Information tab above.
  • Enter your user name and password listed on the letter you received on the right side of the screen and click Login.
  • In the My Info tab, enter your e-mail address and click Update.
  • Click the Change Password tab to create a new password. Enter the password you received on our letter and then enter your desired password in the New Password and Confirm New Password boxes.  Click Change Password.  You should see a box at the top announcing Successfully Changed when the system accepts your password.
  • Click the Enrollment tab to choose your two security questions by using the drop down arrow to get a list of questions and then enter the answers in the Answers and Confirm Answer boxes.  Click Update when both questions are answered.  You should see a box at the top announcing Successfully Completed the Question and Answer Registration.
  • Click the Sign Out link towards the upper left side of the page when you are finished.
  • For security purposes, close the Password Assistance window.

You may now access Employer Self-Service by clicking the Ready to Sign In tab below.

Ready to Sign In

  • Click on the Ready to Sign In tab above where you will use your Employer Self-Service user name           (e.g. ss654321).
  • If you receive a message indicating "Invalid username or password. Please try again" after you click Login, then either your user name and/or password is not recognized.  Please verify the information being entered and whether the Caps Lock or Num Lock buttons are set appropriately and try again.
  • If problems persist, click on the Password Assistance link.  Remember user names follow the general format of ss654321 or ss87654321 based on a system generated number, not your social security number.
  • If the tools do not work for you, please call the Office of Human Resources at 314.792.7540 or e-mail at for additional support.