Personnel Forms, Employee Handbook and Code of Ethical Conduct

On-Boarding Documents:  All new employees are required complete the following forms upon their date of hire.   

In addition to these forms, all employees must submit signed employee handbook and code of ethical conduct acknowledgements upon their first day.  Copies of these documents are available below, on the Archdiocesan intranet (Louie) or within the office, agency or parish the employee is employed. 

Employee Handbooks: For Archdiocesan offices/agencies and parishes.

Code of Ethical Conduct:  To be compliant with the code of ethical conduct, employees are also required to attend the Protecting God's Children Workshop in a timely manner upon hire.

Holy Days and Holidays:  A list of observed holidays for may be found within the employee handbook on page 34 (offices and agencies handbook) and page 33 (parish handbook).