Transamerica Retirement Solutions - 403(B) Plan 

Customer Service Information: 314.792.7262 or 314.792.7261

For direct on-line employee account information:

To learn how to go to the Archdiocese Retirement Personal website call 1.800.755.5801. 

Eligibility: All lay employees may contribute through salary deferral immediately upon commencement of employment. With respect to employer contributions, to become eligible, an employee must complete one year (365 days) of service and have worked 1,000 or more hours in that year regardless of part-time or full-time employment status. Teachers with full-time or half-time contracts are eligible for the employer contributions after one year of service.

This is a 403(b) tax-deferred annuity retirement plan. Each participant in the Plan has a separate account called an Individual Account. Individual Accounts include your contributions, contributions from your employer, rollovers and transfers from other retirement accounts, and the earnings on these amounts.

Transamerica (formerly Diversified) is the fund manager of the plan. Gallagher Retirement Services provides local assistance to the participants of the retirement plan. A Gallagher Retirement Services representative will contact you to schedule a meeting at your work site to assist in the enrollment process, provide annual reviews of retirement accounts, prepare individual retirement plan analyses and answer any questions about the plan.

A Gallagher Retirement Services Representative is located at the Cardinal Rigali Center and may be contacted at 314.792.7262 or 314.792.7261.

Transamerica also provides direct on-line account information at archstl.trsretire.comTo go to the Transamerica website, click here.

Private Catholic organizations, which are not owned by the Archdiocese, do not participate with this retirement plan. Employees of Catholic Charities agencies have their own pension plans. Depending on the agency in question, the pension plan is either a 403(b) Thrift Plan or a 401(a) Defined Contribution Plan. Also, some Catholic Charities employees may participate in a voluntary 403(b) Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA) benefit. For information, contact your own agency's Executive Director, or call the Catholic Charities Office of Human Resources at 314.367.5500, ext. 1122.

The Wellness Incentive Program

 Are you interested in receiving an extra $250.00 employer-paid contribution to your 403b employer contribution plan?  Please read about the new Employee Wellness Incentive Program. 

        Employee Wellness Incentive Program - Frequently Asked Questions for the plan year 2016 - 2017

        If you had an annual physician exam, please use the Employee Wellness Form 2016 -2017 to assure your participation in this years wellness incentive program.     

Documents and Forms

The following retirement plan files are available for review and/or downloading from this benefit website:

For the Archdiocese of St. Louis Lay Employees Retirement Plan prior to Transamerica Retirement Solutions (formerly Diversified) and Gallagher Retirement Services, feel free to call the following customer service telephone numbers:

 Equitable 403b  1.800.628.6673
 Equitable Pension  1.800.628.7789
 Principal  1.800.944.8631
 Aetna  1.800.952.2700