Archdiocesan Leadership

Archbishop's Ministry Team Advisors

We are here at this particular moment in time to proclaim the Gospel. The unique challenges of our day and age are also unique opportunities to proclaim the Gospel anew.
There’s nothing I love more than evangelization, In preparing for homilies, I reflect on how the Scriptures are calling me to change my life. Only after that reflection can I speak from my heart to others.
The Lord has touched my heart and life with His Love. As I have been blessed by Christ, I desire to be the blessing of His love to those I serve.
I am thrilled with the countless opportunities God gives me to minister to and with this amazing local Church. My leadership role allows me to be part of a dynamic partnership with archdiocesan agencies, parishes and schools, and all the individuals, families and organizations we are called to serve.
We were created to know, love and serve God. It is my honor to serve Him by serving His Church.
Eighty-five percent of the people we serve are not Catholic. Why do we do it? We do it because our faith calls us to do it. We help our brothers and sisters who are struggling and in need.
True justice abounds in a society that knows, loves and serves God above all else. It is a joy to assist the local Church daily in its efforts to achieve this goal.
My favorite approach to sharing the Gospel is to be witness to Christ’s love for those around you in your ordinary, everyday actions. But, most of all, pray for them.
As followers of Christ, we have been given such a great gift of faith. We are called to now share that gift with all that we encounter - we are sent as missionary disciples.

Additional Leadership