The ministry of evangelization serves to deepen faith internally and to enable the intentional ministry of outreach to individuals and communities. These purposes are not mutually exclusive. They are interactive and supportive. The means to fulfill our mandate comes through providing  liturgies, consultations, retreats, Bible Study and pastoral care.

Fr. Art Cavitt is the scheduled celebrant for the Eucharistic Celebrations held on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 8:15 a.m. in St. Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist Catholic Church (adjacent to the Center). Designated Lwanga Center sponsored liturgies are also held at St. Nicholas Catholic Church in downtown St. Louis where Fr. Cavitt is the pastor. His regular schedule there can be accessed at

The Center offers adults a spiritual experience entitled the Crossroads Retreat. It is currently structured as a one-day weekend retreat for busy people. For more information, email

Bible Study

Cycles of sessions are currently held at the St. Charles Lwanga Center with alternating schedules at St. Nicholas Catholic Church. There is no charge for the sessions. Call the Center for further information at 314.367.7929.

Pastoral Care
We provide pastoral care and longer-term spiritual direction through appointments and “walk-ins” (contingent upon availability) for individuals, engaged and married couples as support on their journey of faith. This helps individuals to see God working in their lives as motivation to recognize evangelization for oneself to claim the calling to inspire others. Engaged or married couples seeking the Marriage Preparation or Marriage Enhancement workshops will be referred to the Office of Laity and Family Life.

For further information, contact Rev. Arthur Cavitt at the Center, 314.367.7929, ext. 15, or email