Lwanga Center Bible Study
The St. Charles Lwanga Center welcomes you to Bible Study. When in session, it is weekly from 1:00-2:15 p.m. There are scheduled hiatuses between seasonal cycles.  
Fr. Art Cavitt is the facilitator. Please bring a Bible. The New American Edition is preferred along with materials for taking notes.  Hand-outs will be provided. 

There is no charge for the sessions.  However, free will offerings to the Center are always welcome.  Please call 314.367.7929 or email us at info@lwangacenter.org to register your contact information.     


Marriage Preparation

Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation Program

The Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation Workshop at the St. Charles Lwanga Center has been in existence since May 1992.  It began with facilitator/coordinator couple Suzette and Edward Blanc assembling various materials suitable for conducting such a workshop and getting Archdiocesan approval for the content and materials.

  Mature love comes alive in a marriage when God is the Center. In other words, Marriage Takes Three.

 Our program is presented with the essence of shared experiences of married Catholic couples. One of the most common questions is "How did you make your marriage last for so many years?" Another question is "How did you handle this problem or that problem?" A sense of humor is important in a good marriage, but if it is not centered on God, we believe it is doomed to failure. We begin our workshop with a session on the Sacrament of Matrimony. We give examples of how we met and resolved problems in our own lives. Our presenters stress the need for "unconditional love,” being truly committed to the relationship and keeping an awareness of God in the relationship.     

 Our program welcomes all ethnic groups and religious denominations, many couples of diverse ethnicity attend these workshops. Currently, the Center anticipates conducting workshops four times a year, during winter (February), spring (April), summer (August) and fall (October).

 Ministry of Consolation
 Margaret Washington   

The St. Charles Lwanga Center established a Bereavement Ministry in May 2002. It is also known as the Ministry of Consolation and is affiliated with the Missouri Chapter of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Ministry of Consolation is designed to be an instructional and spiritual resource support group for parishes and individuals who want to minister to those who are experiencing loss.  This includes grief from death, loss of employment, physical and emotional health, self –esteem and relationships. Lwanga Center has a Ministers of Consolation Support Group that meets on the 2nd Friday of each odd numbered month at the Center. Guest speakers are invited to update the group on current issues.   

 Legal Ministry

Lwanga's Legal Ministry partners with the Archdiocesan Legal Ministry to offer
“Ask the Lawyer”referral services only. Attorneys are not entering into legal
representation unless a contract for legal services is signed by the
client and attorney. St. Charles Lwanga Center assumes no responsibility
for the legal education provided. Attorney/client relationship and
responsibility exists only between contracting parties.