Greetings from Fr. Kangonu Arun Paparao in India

We recently received an email from Fr. Kangonu Arun Paparao from St. Thomas Church and Orphanage in India ...

Greetings of peace and joy of the Child Jesus from the mission of Attaluru, a remote Catholic parish, in the mission diocese of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India.

I was appointed as the parish priest, director of the orphanage and correspondent of the Schools of Attaluru. Here we have seven mission stations, orphanage and elementary and high schools. Both schools are having the strength of 300 children. Since they all come from poor families, I have to look into some sources to maintain this orphanage. In the parish headquarters we have about 300 Catholic families and in the substations we have about 800 Catholic families. These people are very devoted and regular to the church. All the substations are located in the interior and remote atmosphere. All these people are daily wage laborers. Due to their economic conditions they have to work every day from dawn to dusk.

May I take this occasion to sincerely thank you from the core of my heart and on behalf of the poor children and of the faithful of the parish, for the various contributions, support and help you have been rendering towards our mission. Your generous contribution in the past really boosted our mission, strengthened our people in their faith and bettered the lives of many in our mission area.

This year the nature was really angry with us that it visited us in the form of heavy rains, floods and a series of cyclones (Phailene, Helen, Leher and Maadi cyclones) that caused a lot of damage and destruction to the crops, houses and lives too. In the midst of all these, a Saviour is born for us to be our consolation and relief. We thank God, for we strongly believe that He is with us in all the calamities and that he will never abandon us. I believe that God visits us in the person of 'YOU' in times of calamities and destruction. Please pray and support our mission for which kind act of yours we remain ever grateful to you.

Now I take this occasion to wish you a Very Happy Christmas and a Grace Filled New Year - 2014. I pray that the Child Jesus may bless you in abundance and keep you in His love for ever.

Thanking you and assuring our prayers, and trusting in your continued support, I remain,

In Child Jesus,
Fr. Kangonu Arun Paparao
St. Thomas RCM Church and Orphanage