Office of Natural Family Planning
11700 Studt, Ste. C
St. Louis, MO 63141

History and Mission

In 1998, Natural Family Planning was established as a department of the Office of Laity and Family Life by then Archbishop Justin Rigali. Natural Family Planning was designated its own office by Archbishop Raymond Burke in 2005.

The Archdiocesan Office of Natural Family Planning coordinates and promotes information for all four models of Natural Family Planning methods at 14 different locations in the Archdiocese to all Archdiocesan Marriage Preparatory programs through the Office of Laity and Family Life, the St. Louis Review, Parish Bulletins and through individual priests and marriage preparers who request specific information. The Humanae Vitae Association, a group of NFP couples who support one another and evangelize the Archdiocesan community, are a volunteer group within the department.

Department activities include:

  • an annual Humanae Vitae Mass and celebration
  • materials for the engaged
  • promotion kits for the preparers for Christian Marriage, priests and deacons
  • an infertility support group
  • presentations on NFP, sexuality and chastity promotion to parishes and schools
  • “Make Love … Real,” a day of reflection for high school seniors based on the Theology of the Body.
  • "Holy, Happy, Healthy" newsletter
  • annual Seminarian Homily contest
  • There are four models for the natural regulation of birth at 13 different locations in the Archdiocese. They are Aware/Billings Ovulation Method, Creighton Model Fertility Care Services, Couple to Couple/Symto-Thermal, and the Marquette Model/Sympto-thermal. All of these models are offered independently of the Archdiocesan Office of Natural Family Planning.

Questions or comments may be directed to:

K. Diane Daly, RN, CFCE
11700 Studt Ave., Ste C
St. Louis, MO 63141
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Fax: 314.692.8097