Father-Son: “Boys into Men” Program

This event focuses on the importance of communication between father and son while growing up. Presenters include a physician, fathers and a teen panel. Panel members answer questions and discuss the importance of respect, understanding and appreciating God's gift of sexuality.

For boys 11-12 years-old, the program explores God's special gift of human fertility and of growing up and becoming a man. Topics include the changes in young men’s bodies as they enter puberty; modesty; values; plans of action; and the sacredness of human life.

For 13-17-years-old, the program focuses on dating; marriage; sexually transmitted diseases; protection of fertility through chastity; blessings of fatherhood; and the sacredness of human life.

To register please visit mercy.net/fertilitycare  For more information, call 314.991.0327 or see Calendar.