Humanae Vitae Association 

Recognizing the precious gift the Lord has bestowed upon us in married love, the mission of the Humanae Vitae Association is two-fold.

First, the group serves to meet the needs of support, fellowship and instruction among all members of our community who share our commitment to honor God's wish for married couples. The group sponsors and annual Humanae Vitae Mass and Reception with dinner and entertainment for families to foster community in the archdiocese.

Second, the group members minister to the community and serve as a voice to promote all forms of Natural Family Planning as not only safe and reliable methods of achieving and avoiding pregnancy, but as tools which foster deeper communication between spouses. As part of this goal, the group is currently working to launch a parish representative program to provide a local NFP resource to couples and pastors in their own parishes.

For more information on the parish representative program or the Humanae Vitae Association in general, please contact the Office of Natural Family Planning at 314-997-7576 or e-mail