Below are links to a few you tube videos which not only have information from individual couples on how NFP impacts their marriage, but also from couples who discuss the medical benefits. 

You will also see healthcare professionals - Family Practice, Ob-Gyn doctors and nurses - who testify to the advancees brought through NaProTechnology.  Naprotechnology is a new Medical Science developed by Dr. Thomas Hilgers, Ob-Gyn, which in conjunction with the Creighton Model of Fertility Care Services can assist in diagnosis and treatment of many gynecological conditions. 

(Love Naturally, Part 1 about 10 minutes – health issues, effectiveness in treatment and diagnosis …)

(Love Naturally, Part 2 about 10 minutes – working in cooperation with how the body functions, doctors, couples)

(about 4 ½ minutes young couple – she is a nurse)

 The Naprotechnology Revolution