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Pan y Amor is a unique mission aid program that sponsors needy children around the world. Pan y Amor – "bread and love" in Spanish – provides both the physical and the spiritual needs in life to these children. "Pan" refers to the physical needs – food, medicine, clothing, and shelter. "Amor" refers to the spiritual needs – love, care, hope, and spiritual formation based on the principles of life taught by Jesus. Pan y Amor sponsors children primarily in Bolivia, but is also present in Colombia, Kenya and Uganda. Sponsors are recruited to pray and to give a monthly gift of $15 to support one of our programs. Many of these sponsors and those involved in Pan y Amor can be found both in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis and in many other parts of the country!

Many individuals and families participate in Pan y Amor, as well as a number of our own schools in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. Supporting a program through Pan y Amor is a wonderful way for our students to show love, care, and compassion, and to live the way that Jesus taught us. They are able to express and deepen their own needs for spiritual formation outside of a formal religion class by sponsoring one of the programs for children that Pan y Amor supports.

Monsignor Bernard Sandheinrich, founder of Pan y Amor, once said: "Mother Teresa wrote that missionary work is doing 'something beautiful for God.' How can anything be more beautiful than taking a sick child and nursing that child to health? How can there be a scene more beautiful than giving love to a young homeless child of the streets? Pan y Amor does this every day ... Pan y Amor, bread and love for the young people of the world!"

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Pan y Amor ... para los ninos del mundo! Bread and Love ... for the children of the world! 

If you would like to give to Pan y Amor, please use our online giving or send your donation to:

Pan y Amor
20 Archbishop May Drive
St. Louis, MO 63119