Right START Parents


An important aspect of Right START is engaging the parents of the eight graders.  As their child’s first teachers, parents have an important role in sharing the crucial message of life and love.Parent Child  Sharing information with  parents is vital since they are the primary source of education for their children on the important issues covered in Right START.  We encourage parents particularly to speak to their students after the Right START class so that parents can answer any remaining questions students may have and to reinforce the materials presented in class.  Our Educators are here to support the parents of these students and are happy to provide materials to continue the conversation between parents and students after the Right START class.  Click here for a fun quiz for parents.

Parent meetingThe Right START program includes a Parent Meeting for 8th grade parents held prior to the student program.  During these meetings, parents learn the materials, including videos, which will be presented to their students.  As the parent meetings are lead by Right START teachers, parents also have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the curriculum.  Parent meetings are offered in various locations around the diocese with at least one meeting in each Region. Click here to find which Region your child's school belongs.

A summary of the Right START program is available by clicking here.