Enkindle Infertility Counseling Ministry


Enkindle Offers Free Counseling for Couples Experiencing Infertility

Couples facing problems with fertility don't have to walk this journey alone. Faith tells us our lives are ultimately in God's hands. Along our way, he sends us help in carrying our burdens. As you work toward acceptance of this challenge, our Enkindle infertility counseling ministry is here to offer hope while seeking peace. To find out more about this program or make your appointment, call 314-997-7576.


September, 13th
6:30PM until 8:00PM, Enkindle Ministry will host an event called, Maintaining Hope.  Come talk, listen and meet with other individuals and couples who are sharing your journey trying to conceive a child.  (The location is 11700 Studt Ave, Ste C, 63141 - RSVP’s for this event are appreciated - call 314-997-7576).