Dear Parents and Guardians;

Each year it is our responsibility, as a caring Catholic community, to provide a curriculum that teaches the students appropriate boundaries and personal safety.  The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People requires that the Archdiocese of Saint Louis offer all children, in both day school and parish school of religion programs,  information that allows them to participate in their own personal safety.  The curiculum is currently offered and presented to children enrolled in Kindergarten through 9th grade.

The curriculum "Safe Touch" is taught annually by a specially trained educator or volunteer and all lessons are age appropriate.  The lessons focus on safety in a non-threatening manner and consist of one class period.  In addition, approved resources, activities and videos may be added from the website "NetSmartz" . The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children offer this website as a free resource for children, parents and educators to reinforce lessons on physical and technology safety.

The "Safe Touch" curriculum was developed in partnership with West County Psychological Associates, the Archdiocesan Child Safety Committee, as well as educators and school administrators.  It is our hope that you as parents and guardians take an active role to review the materials that you will be receiving from your childs school.  Please continue to reinforce ideas of safety at home by monitoring your child's online behaviors, participating in activities sent home by teachers, and reviewing safety rules with your child(ren) often.

If you would like to preview the "Safe Touch" curriculum, have additional questions about the lessons or would prefer to teach the curriculum at home you may contact your child's school to request a copy of the parent curriculum.  You may also contact me directly at my number below.

As a parent or guardian you may also request that your child is excused during the "Safe Touch" lesson when offered at their school.  If you would like your child to be excused please contact your child's school and request an "Opt-Out" form.  We do require that this form is completed and returned with a parent signature if a child is excused.  It is our belief that all children should receive these safety lessons and although we do permit children to be excused we highly encourage parents to review the material at home. 

The "Safe Touch" curriculum has proven to be an effective tool to help children identify boundary violations and report innappropriate incidents.  We hope that you also find this information valuable and feel empowered to assist your child(ren) in further developing their safety skills.

For additional information please contact:

Sandra Price, Director

(314) 792-7271