St. John Paul II Scholarship Fund

The Catholic Youth Apostolate is excited to announce the St. John Paul II Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship Fund is made possible by generous benefactors who have donated to the Catholic Youth Apostolate to help sustain our efforts of reaching youth with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. 

This new Scholarship fund exists to help parishes improve their youth ministry outreach. We know that parishes across our Archdiocese serve our youth in many unique and varying ways.  Some parishes have many financial resources to do this, while others are working with very little, sometimes nothing.  Regardless of your current level of involvement in youth outreach, all parishes in the Archdiocese are eligible for a grant from this fund as long as they meet certain criteria.

Scholarship Criteria


Only parishes within the boundaries of the Archdiocese of St. Louis are eligible for the St. John Paul II Scholarship fund. Programs that operate as multi-parish youth ministry clusters should identify a primary pastoral representive from only one parish to apply.

Demonstrated financial need 

Demonstrate to the grant committee that there is a real need at your parish that is currently not being met.  Each qualifying finalist parish will be asked more in depth questions regarding parish financial resources and the amount of resources currently dedicated to serving youth in direct ministry. 

Mission Oriented Programming

Many of our parishes have programs that engage youth in a various ways.  While not all programs or projects funded by the St. John Paul II scholarship fund need to be strictly catechetic in nature, they should have a spirit of evangelization and leadership at their core.  We are excited to grant these funds to help our parishes continue to develop key leaders and missionary disciples in our parishes. 

Scholarships Available

$2500- 6

$5000 - 4

$15,000 - 1

Our Patron

The Scholarship fund is named in honor of St. John Paul's visit to St. Louis. The visit of this Saint to our city changed youth ministry here forever by inspiring parishes and our Archdiocese to do more for our youth. In his honor and through his intercession it is our hope to continue the spirit of his visit to our city and to inspire parishes to  "Be Not Afraid" of finding new and creative way to preach the Gospel to young people.  

Preliminary Application Process

Each parish wishing to apply for funds will be asked to fill out a preliminary application. This helps our committee identify a list of finalists whom we will ask for more detailed plans of how they will use the scholarship funds and build a comprehensive vision for youth outreach.  The preliminary Application consists of demonstrating your needs, telling us about your dreams, and how you plan to accomplish them with the money granted. Preliminary applications are due by 12/31/16. 


Apply Now


Parishes that qualify as finalists will be notified by January 31 and sent a more comprehensive grant application that must be completed within 30 days.  Final grants will be announced by May 3 and will be distributed in Fiscal Year 2018, beginning July 1, 2017.

Still have questions?

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