St. Clement of Rome Catholic Church
Position Description: 

St. Clement of Rome, a parish of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, is seeking a full-time youth minister to facilitate and direct the continued growth of our parish high school program. St. Clement of Rome is located in Des Peres, MO. The parish is going into its sixty-fourth year in existence and has grown from just a little over 100 families to over fifteen hundred.

The Youth Ministry program at St. Clement of Rome focuses on fostering the spiritual growth of each high school person by cultivating a Sacramental life with a deep appreciation of their faith.

This full-time (40 hours per week) position undertakes the challenge of organizing and coordinating the youth ministry efforts of St. Clement of Rome so that high school parishioners are given every opportunity to experience the life-changing power of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Collaboration will be expected with a variety of staff and parishioners.

• Be an active, committed, faith filled Roman Catholic.
• Possess a solid understanding of the Catholic Faith and adhere to all the teachings of the Catholic Church. A college degree is required. Preferably a degree in theology or youth ministry but not limited to those areas.
• Experience working with teens and teaching the Catholic Faith.
• Have leadership experience with youth and possess strong organizational skills.


Administrative and Leadership Responsibilities:
• Collaborate with the youth, parents, pastor, associate, parish staff, and core team to assess the existing programs and direct future youth ministry programing.
• Collaborate with the Archdiocesan Youth Office to maintain an awareness of Archdiocesan resources, programs and guidelines.
• Coordinate and promote the Youth Ministry Program as a part of the St. Clement of Rome Parish Family.
• Recruit and train volunteers to assist the Youth Ministry Program.
• Participate in professional development and continuing education programs.
• Maintain an ongoing knowledge of trends and resources in youth ministry.
• Create new and engaging content to teach the youth about the faith.
• Invite, gather and lead the youth in regularly planned programs.
• Provide seventh and eighth graders at St. Clement of Rome opportunities to be a part of the youth ministry program on a regular basis.
• Aid the St. Clement of Rome School in promoting Spiritual Growth by assisting and supporting events and Sacraments such as Confirmation.
• Plan and execute events and retreats including Luke 18, Fall Retreat, Pro Life March, Timothy 4 (8th Grade) Retreat, Mission Trip, Project Life, Life Teen Leadership Conference, and Steubenville Mid-America.

Pastoral Responsibilities:
• Gather the teens for Mass at 6pm every Sunday.
• Promote 6pm Mass and Life Night directly following every Sunday as well as Wednesday night prayer.
• Motivate and execute monthly meetings with volunteers.
• Be accessible during the week to provide opportunities and appropriate settings for the youth to visit and discuss their needs.

St. Clement of Rome Parish offers a competitive salary based on years of experience and educational formation. In addition, we offer health insurance, as well as a retirement plan

Contact Details: 

Qualified candidates may submit their resume and cover letter to Msgr. Michael Butler at or by mail:

St. Clement of Rome Rectory
Attn: Msgr. Michael Butler
1510 Bopp Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63131-4137