Cardinal Ritter Senior Services
Position Description: 

Cardinal Ritter Senior Services has a job opening for a full-time Payroll Coordinator. This position is located at the Cardinal Ritter Senior Services Campus, 7601 Watson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63119. Cardinal Ritter Senior Services is a not-for-profit organization that values its employees and provides services to improve the quality of life for senior adults by promoting and providing health assistance, housing facilities, social services and programs, and volunteer opportunities in St. Louis City and County, as well as in St. Charles, Jefferson, Franklin and Warren Counties. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package. We also bring the mission to life by expressing the core values of love, compassion, hope and integrity.

1. Supervises the payment of employees and disbursement of special payments for shift differential, holidays, overtime and such compensation related to their employment according to established policies and procedures.
2. As directed, process and check timesheet and payroll date to ensure the correct payment of employees.
3. Prepares or computes changes in hours, tax deductions, and differentials or base salary for manual or computer processing.
4. Reviews special check requests for advances, adjustments, etc., verifying signatures and ensuring such payments are in accordance with personnel policy.
5. Coordinates with personnel department to clarify employee information and implement changes in status.
6. Ensures correct, consistent interpretation of personnel policies.
7. Coordinates with the Archdiocese Payroll Department, to ensure accurate, timely payroll and tax computation and check preparation, verifies programming to change salary schedules and other system changes.
8. Accountable for the accuracy of payroll checks, tax calculations and deductions and the maintenance of payroll systems.
9. Monitors implementation of legal issues such as salary liens, court orders and subpoenas for payroll or tax records.
10. Ensures that W-2 forms are correctly computed and mailed annually with appropriate record keeping procedures.
11. Maintains and reconciles payroll deduction systems for health insurance, pension and union dues and other benefits.
12. Compiles reports of benefits deductions and accruals.
13. Provides salary data for insurance and social welfare programs.
14. Participates in special projects to research and implement new payroll or processing systems, provides input to the implementation of new personnel or data processing systems to ensure uninterrupted payment of employees.
15. Assists in care and maintenance of department equipment and supplies.
16. Maintain required records, reports, and files.
17. Calculates overtime, differential and other special adjustments and rates for computer or manual records.
18. Calculates tax deductions, benefits and other deductions for unusual or changed payroll data.
19. May type checks for special payments keeping appropriate records through Lawson system
20. Distributes or mails paychecks.
21. Assists employees in understanding payroll calculations and deductions and investigating problems and making appropriate corrections.
22. Takes information for direct deposit payments and coordinates with banks to make such deposits.
23. Reviews personnel data for completeness and prepares or checks computer records for W-2 forms.
24. Reviews benefit accruals, pension and other eligibility information, making adjustments as status changes dictate.
25. Reviews and mails termination checks.
26. Maintains a variety of records, compiling statistical or accounting information as requested.
27. Enters new hires, rehires and terms of employment.
28. Provides support to LAWSON/ENTERPRISE USERS. Set up or delete users.
29. Interact with ENTERPRISE on changes to the system.
30. Utilizes Report Smith to print REPORTS PRIOR TO THE YEAR 2010.
31. Attends required meetings.
32. Enhances professional growth and development through in-service meetings, educational programs, etc.
33. Performs other duties as directed.

1. Bachelor degree or equivalent college level courses in accounting. At least three (3) previous payroll experience a must.

Contact Details: 

Qualified candidates may submit their resume and cover letter, including salary requirements to Or send fax to (314) 961-1934. Or complete an application on our website