Dynamic Catholic Bulletin Blurbs

Dynamic Catholic Bulletin Blurbs

January 7th Blurb- Solemnity of the Epiphany

Dynamic Catholic, Alive! – Introducing the Year of Evangelization

2018 is dedicated to evangelization, the fourth sign of a dynamic Catholic!  The Gospel today is certainly appropriate for our reflections on evangelization.  The wise men journey from the East to pay homage to the King of the World.  They then return to their homeland.  Evangelization follows a similar process.  We must give our Lord homage and worship and journey to see Him and know Him better.  Only then, after we have spent time in prayer and worship, can we share the fruits of our prayer with others.  Evangelization is simply sharing our experience of Jesus Christ with others and guiding them into relationship of joy with Him.  During this year of evangelization, consider how often you share the Good News of Christ with others in simple ways and in more bold ways.         archstl.org/dynamic

January 14th Blurb- 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dynamic Catholic, Alive! – Evangelization

How quick the first disciples were to follow Jesus!  They immediately recognized Him as the Lamb of God and followed Him to where He was staying.  How quickly do we go to the church or the chapel for Mass and prayer, to encounter the Lamb of God?  In order for us to be effective evangelists, we must nourish our own spiritual life and know the One whom we are called to share with others.  This week, take some time to nourish your spiritual life and focus on encountering the Lord anew so that you can share Him with conviction in your thoughts, words, and actions.              archstl.org/dynamic

January 21st Blurb- 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dynamic Catholic, Alive! – Repentance

The message we hear from the Gospel reading today is one that we must hear again and again: repent and believe the good news.  This is the constant task of the faithful Christian, to seek to grow in virtue and root out sinfulness.  The authentic witness of a disciple who has truly repented of his sins can work wonders in the cause of evangelization.  We love conversion stories of the saints and people we know in our own lives today.  One who has repented and has chosen to live for Christ alone provides an extraordinary example for us who want to be better evangelists.    archstl.org/dynamic


January 28th Blurb- 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dynamic Catholic, Alive! – Divine Authority

Jesus drives out the unclean spirit in the man in the synagogue in today’s Gospel.  He thus reveals His authority as being fully divine and capable of subjecting evil spirits to His power.  Similarly, the psalm reminds us that it is important for us to heed the powerful voice of the Lord and not to harden our hearts.  When we feel moved by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Good News to another person or to do a kind act of charity, follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  Seize the opportunities that you have each day to give witness to your faith in the Son of God.  Use His Name to take authority in trying situations!     archstl.org/dynamic