Dr. Elizabeth C. Abraham MD, MS

SSM Health Medical Group

Dr. Elizabeth Abraham

As One of Only Three Pediatricians In the US Certified In NAPRO Technology and the Creighton Model, Dr. Abraham Finds Pediatrics and NFP Are a Great Combination for Young Women

“People don’t know what is normal.”

That’s what Dr. Elizabeth Abraham found out first hand, when her years of experience in medical school, hospital work and private practice were challenged by the discovery NFP for her own personal use, Dr. Elizabeth Abraham found more than vital answers about her health. She found a calling for helping young women understand their fertility.

“It was due to my own health that I came upon NFP as a method for diagnosing and treating women’s health in general,” said Abraham. “I felt better and wanted to do this for others, but wondered if it was something I could do for my own patients.”... Click Here To Continue

Dr. Sarah Cole

Mercy Clinic Family Medicine – St. Louis

Dr. Sarah Cole

Teacher and Health Advocate Dr. Sarah Cole Uses NFP to Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Sarah Cole grew up with one foot in each of the worlds of education and healthcare, as her father was a school teacher and her mother was a nurse. Watching her parents excel in their careers inspired Dr. Cole to pursue both paths and become a teaching physician. The specialty she was most drawn to was Family Medicine.

“I chose Family Medicine as my specialty for two reasons,” said Dr. Cole. “The first was selfish! I loved every aspect of clinical medicine – newborn care, sports medicine, care of the older adult, women’s health, procedures, etc. – and wanted a career that offered that variety every day,” she continued. “The second reason was related to safety. I witnessed how critical communication and trust is to optimal health care.  Family physicians are uniquely trained to communicate with their own patients, their patients’ subspecialists and their patients’ families in such a way as to coordinate safe, efficient care and inspire trust in the patient-physician relationship.” ... Click Here to Continue

Dr. Stefani White

Mercy Clinic Family Medicine - Olive-Mason

Dr. Stefanie WhiteStefanie White’s calling to become a doctor began as a voyage of discovery in a high school anatomy and physiology class. There she discovered a fascination with studying the complexity of the human body, which together with her love of helping people put her on a path toward family medicine.

After attending Saint Louis University Medical School, White completed her residency at Via Christi Family Medicine in Wichita, KS. Along the way, she became passionate about patient education and health literacy in her profession and grew in her faith, discovering her vocation as a wife and mother. Having several mentors who had gone through training in NaPRO Technology at Dr. Hilgers’ program at Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha helped guide her in choosing to enter the program herself.

 “As I grew deeper in my faith, I learned about Theology of the Body and realized my practice was going to have to work with my faith,” said White. “I wanted to offer women a better way to take care of gynecologic health issues that got to the root of the problem, rather than just controlling symptoms.” ... Click Here To Continue