Queen of Peace Center
Position Description: 

Overview of Queen of Peace Center:
The Mission of Queen of Peace Center is to break the cycle of substance use disorders for women, children, and families through family-centered behavioral healthcare. As demonstrated by the life of Jesus Christ, Queen of Peace Center works to build a future of peace for families.

Queen of Peace Center is a gender focused female recovery center that provides a variety of treatment options to women with co-occurring disorders and those affected by trauma.

Queen of Peace Center is an agency of Catholic Charities of St. Louis, a federation of eight agencies that has been helping people in need since 1912. In response to the teachings of Jesus Christ, the mission of Catholic Charities is to serve people in need, especially those who are poor and vulnerable; work to improve social conditions for all people in the community; and call members of the Church and community to do the same.

CEO Position:
The CEO at Queen of Peace Center (QOPC) is a practicing Catholic, a visionary and dynamic individual who is responsible for leading QOPC to successfully achieving its mission through the development of a strategic plan, establishing effective programs and services, guiding funding efforts, forming a strong management team, and collaborating with key strategic partners. The CEO assists the Board of Directors (BOD) with reporting on organizational performance, assessment of community needs, and industry information as the BOD sets the direction of the organization and establishes policy. The CEO possesses a genuine commitment to serving the community in the field of gender specific treatment to vulnerable women struggling with substance abuse and mental illness and their children, with a focus on the family. The CEO is a Catholic Charities employee, under a Support Services Agreement with QOPC.

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Promote the mission, vision, and values of QOPC (and Catholic Charities). Continuously seek opportunities to advance the Catholic identity and heritage of QOPC.
2. Work with the BOD to develop and implement the organization’s strategic plan, to ensure the organization continues over time to provide services that are needed by the community.
3. Develop annual goals and objectives for the organization. Provide to the BOD a regular reporting of the accomplishment of the annual goals and objectives. Keeps the BOD informed, and seeks their input on decisions that may differ from the agreed-upon direction of the organization.
4. Serve as the public face of QOPC, and take responsibility for fostering relationships with key partners and stakeholders.
5. Assist the Chair of the BOD in developing BOD meeting agendas to ensure that the BOD receives adequate information on a timely basis to make required decisions and to monitor performance of the organization.
6. Support the role responsibilities of the BOD.
7. Create a culture based on the mission, vision, values and goals, and communicate to staff on a regular basis.
8. Develop and administer, with the management team, the day-to-day policies, procedures and practices that are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
9. Ensure the development, implementation, and monitoring of clinical and operational quality and identification of potential improvement opportunities.
10. Work effectively with, and provide guidance to, senior management, ensuring they have the information and resources they need to fulfill their respective responsibilities. Discuss and document annual performance of all members of senior management.
11. Keep abreast of local, regional and national trends regarding substance abuse and mental illness and the impact on the services and programs of QOPC.
12. Monitor public policies impacting the work of QOPC and clients, and coordinate legislative efforts with the Director of Advocacy with Catholic Charities of St. Louis and other community partners.
13. Review and approve the terms and conditions of all program grants, funding applications, and agreements.
14. Develop the annual operating and capital improvement budgets, for approval by the BOD and Catholic Charities, to enable the organization to operate in a stable financial position. Report regularly to the BOD on budget to actual performance, with plans to address major variances.
15. Work closely with the Development Department to ensure plans and opportunities are executed to market and raise funds on behalf of QOPC. Take a lead role in meeting with major donors and prospects.
16. Represents QOPC and provides leadership in community and industry-related organizations and boards.
17. Collaborates with others in the Catholic Charities Federation and entities of the Archdiocese.
18. Provide succession planning for self and senior staff.

1. Master’s Degree – Social Services, Behavioral Health, Public Health, Hospital Administration, Business or related field.
2. Comprehensive clinical understanding of, and experience in, behavioral healthcare and social service programs related specifically to vulnerable women with substance abuse and their children. A thorough understanding of substance abuse and mental health is required.
3. Supervisory and administrative background involving planning, organization and implementation of gender specific programming in both residential and outpatient settings.
4. Strong knowledge of comprehensive programming demanding multiple licensures and accrediting bodies, including CSTAR – Comprehensive Substance Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation – (Outpatient and Inpatient Residential) licensed by the Department of Mental Health Division of Behavioral Health and accredited by Council on Accreditation (COA); Shelter + Care Permanent Housing; HUD Transitional Housing licensed by the City of St. Louis; Peace for Kids Child Development Center licensed by the State of Missouri and the City of St. Louis and Missouri Accreditation of Programs for Children and Youth and COA. A licensed Medicaid provider/knowledgeable of Medicaid programs and reimbursement procedures.
5. An understanding of nonprofit management.
6. Experience in a senior management role with responsibility and accountability for financial results, operations, strategic direction, direct-service programs, development/fundraising, and management/development of staff.

Incumbent’s private and public positions and values must be in full and complete agreement with those of Catholic Charities and with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Contact Details: 

To apply, send cover letter and resume with salary requirements to Les Lexow, Senior Director of Human Resources, at