St. Clare of Assisi Parish (Ellisville, MO)
Position Description: 

Saint Clare of Assisi is a parish of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, located in the suburb of Ellisville. It is a large and vibrant parish of nearly 2200 families. We are in search of a Pastoral Associate to participate in the pastoral care of the parish community. This position is directly responsible to the pastor and relates to all aspects of parish life. The Pastoral Associate will provide leadership and administration, coordinate others in ministry as well as provide some direct ministry.

Position Overview:
This full-time position will handle any and all responsibilities of: Adult Faith Formation & Education, RCIA, PSR (including our summer PSR Program), Sacramental Preparation and Evangelization. The programs of Totus Tuus and Children’s Liturgy of the Word will also be administered by this position.

• To foster the growth of faith of all members of the parish.
• To develop formation of parish ministers and groups.
• To assist is fostering a sense of community within the parish.
• To affirm family life and aid parents in their roles as primary educators of our faith.


The Pastoral Associate will:
• Be an active, committed, faith filled Roman Catholic.
• Possess a solid understanding of the Catholic Faith and adhere to all the teachings of the Catholic Church.
• Be able to teach and share the Catholic Faith as well as current biblical and pastoral theology.
• Work creativity and cooperatively towards the formation of a lively, faith filled worshipping parish.
• Completion of in-depth theological and religious studies: a masters degree or equivalent preferred.

Administrative and Leadership Responsibilities:
• Possess strong leadership skills and a cooperative spirit, with the ability to relate to a wide spectrum of people.
• Collaborate closely with the pastor, under his supervision and with members of the parish staff.
• Able to make decisions and assume responsibilities for designated tasks.
• Able to negotiate and manage conflict.
• Able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
• Participate in professional development and continuing education programs.
• Maintain an ongoing knowledge of trends and resources in faith formation.
• Plan, organize, direct and evaluate the total religious program of the parish (excluding the parish school)
• Conduct recruitment of and development/training of catechists and facilitators, including spiritual and professional growth.

Pastoral Responsibilities:
• Recognize the needs of parishioners and develop and administer programs to meet those needs.
• Assist and involve parents in developing the faith and sacramental life of their child through communications, meetings and educational opportunities.
• Ability to relate to a wide spectrum of people and to be a good listener.
• Willingness to be interested and participate in a variety of parish activities.
• Display sensitivity to others while helping them articulate their experiences in light of our faith.
• Possess the maturity, flexibility and confidentiality needed to help others.
• Ability to recognize the need of continuous personal assessment through study, personal reading and prayer.
• Possess the ability to integrate ministry with prayer and sacramental life.

Networking and Evangelization:
• Work closely with the school principal and marketing committee to promote a variety of religious education programs.
• Creatively develop new opportunities to share the Good News of Christ in the home, work place and neighborhood.
• Motivate and coach parishioners to actively share their love of Jesus Christ and St. Clare of Assisi with others.

Fiscal Responsibilities:
• Prepare, develop and manage an annual budget.
• Account for all Department of Religious Education expenses.
• Organize and manage parish outreach programs, i.e. charitable support and social justice
• Apply for appropriate donations and grants in support of the Religious Education Department

Saint Clare of Assisi Parish offers a competitive salary based on years of experience and educational formation. In addition we offer health insurance, dental insurance as well as a retirement plan. The Pastoral Associate will have appropriate office space and all essential materials provided by the parish.

Contact Details: 

Qualified candidates may submit their resume and cover letter to Msgr. Kevin Callahan at OR by mail to:

St. Clare of Assisi Parish
Attn: Msgr. Kevin Callahan
15642 Clayton Rd.
Ellisville, MO 63011-2398

For questions, you may e-mail Msgr. Callahan or call (636) 394-7307.

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